So invites have been out for about 4 weeks and the RSVP date is May 2, which is Wednesday. We only have 72 reply cards back from the 150 invitations we sent. I thought for sure we would have a ton today, but only got 2. At what point do you start calling? I was thinking Friday, but I have no idea on the etiquette with this. And then what if you can't get a hold of people, do you just assume "no"? Grrrr.... pretty frustrating.
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  • I think you dont call until after the RSVP date.  I'd say if people mail it May 2nd, you would get it maybe May 4th.  So I would start calling around then.

    I only had just over half around my date too...SO annoying. but people forget.
  • Yea, I'd say start calling over the weekend. That's super annoying!
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  • Yea I agree with above comments, this weekend is fine to start calling. Those that I couldn't get a hold of, I did assume they weren't coming. Theres nothing else you could do about it, definitely annoying :(

  • For one of my friends' weddings, I hadn't returned my RSVP card yet and he sent me a text about a week before the RSVP due date.  I thought it was kind of odd that he was questioning me even before the date, but he's an impatient/impulsive person, so it was pretty fitting.  If that suits you, you could ask people earlier, but I agree with PPs and would wait until Friday to start calling around!
  • I think you could send out a reminder asking people to RSVP by Friday. Less of a questioning versus a "helpful" reminder. That's how we got most of our remaining stragglers in.
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