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Thank you cards

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When should thank you be sent out by and to who?

Re: Thank you cards

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    Your thank you cards should go out no later than 2-3 months after your wedding. They should all be written by you and/or your husband and should be given to anyone who gave you a gift. I personally didn't send them to anyone who didn't give us a gift or card since the reception is basically to thank them for coming to the ceremony.
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    What bar said.

    I think traditional etiquette states you have up to a year to send them out, but most anyone will tell you that's probably a little too late :)

    We are only sending out to those who gave gifts.
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    We followed the 3 month rule, and by that I mean I followed the 3 month rule, lol. I wrote them all and like a week before they went out hubs mentioned he would have happily done some for me (and been more prompt as he usually is). I sent it to anyone who gave us a gift or a card. Gave us nothing? You got nuthin.

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