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We're The Millers

So I really did not have any expectations for this movie. Jennifer Aniston is in it, and I find her so blergh. Jason Sudeikis can get annoying as well. The movie is actually hilarious- sort of raunchy though so if you're a prude, beware. Jennifer Aniston actually does a good job on this movie (although she's playing a stripper and she's not super believable as a stripper). I recommend.

Side note: the movie is rated R. When we went to see it, there were quite a few people who had brought kids under the age of 10. DH and I walked out and were pretty shocked- there was definitly things in the movie that we wouldn't want our kid to see/hear. I can't imagine having a conversation with an 8 yo about anal but maybe that's me.

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    I agree with your review - I was kind of meh going in, but it was hilarious in a raunchy way. I didn't notice any kids in the theater when I went a few weeks ago - which was surprising given it was a noon-ish show.

    i never understand people taking small kids to R-rated movies. I appreciate that our theater actually has a ban on kids (they say under 13) in R-rated evening showings. I usually go on my Fridays off, so during the school year, it's typically a moot point. 
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