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Georgia Riverfront/Outdoor/Rustic Wedding

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Alrighty guys, I know I have posted before on deciding a location but I have decided on what I would like. I am looking for a place to have my wedding ceremony and reception in either the same place or close to it in GEORGIA. I'd like to have my ceremony outside next to a river (preferably the Chattahoochee) and then an indoor reception with a rustic modern theme. The only place I have found so far that really meets the appearance aspect is Canoe in Atlanta which I love but I'm thinking it's going to be a bit rich for my blood. I have family coming from Louisiana so I would like to keep it around somewhere easy to navigate or close to Atlanta. I also want to try and find somewhere where I can bring my OWN decorations, cake, caterer and all of that because I am extremely picky and I will be making the majority of the center pieces and things myself. Please let me know if you have any location suggestions. Oh and the least expensive the better! Thanks!

Re: Georgia Riverfront/Outdoor/Rustic Wedding

  • Try Roswell River Landing. Several ladies have had their wedding and reception there. You can get your own caterer, etc.

    There is always the Roswell Mill but you have to use their caterer. Try the Atlanta/Ga board for more ideas.


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