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My wedding is booked and in full motion for Sept 28th at the Publick House however I have run into a lot of problems. When I booked the wedding there it was site unseen because we live in Alaska. Most of the reviews I read online were okay and the sales lady on the phone was helpful. Ever since we visited the venue(months after booking and in the middle of winter(outdoor wedding) we have not received the best of service and everything I read online is negative. My guests have had horrible times booking rooms and the reviews for the country lodge that they are being forced to stay at are awful. Unfortunately all of the negativity has made it very difficult for my fiancé and I to get excited about our pending wedding day. I would love advice from anyone who has gotten married here or maybe attended a wedding at The Publick House. Everyones comments are welcome. We are paying a lot of money and want to ensure that we have the best day possible for ourselves and our guest. Please help!

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    Has anything improved? I am having my wedding at Publick House in December and have had nothing but a positive experience.  Also many people I know or spoke to who had weddings there have said great things.  Hopefully things have improved since your wedding is fast approaching!
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    The rooms are awful...I won't lie!  Usually the wedding party stays in the house and that's not that bad.  But, the country lodge is bad. Very bad. I'm sorry! There are other local places to stay though...maybe you can give your guests other suggestions. I'm not a fan of the Publick House because I never got the feeling that they care about you at all. There can be 3-4 weddings or more happening in one day and me and my bf got the feeling as though we were just another number getting a sales pitch. Sorry. I hope your day is great thought and I think it will be!!
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    Wish I could say things have gotten better but they have not. We thought the Publick House was an affordable way to go because we are paying for the wedding 100% ourselves and planning from the across the country. Unfortunately we feel as if we were just another sale and they have sucked every penny they can. We have recommended our guests stay at the Hampton Inn down the street which is actually cheaper than the Publick House however a lot of guests did not read our website and just booked lodge rooms because they were the cheapest rate and only thing available even 9 months out from the wedding date. The room block we were guaranteed seemed to disappear to other weddings after we put our deposit down. My fiancé actually called and spoke with the general manager over this issue but was informed that they could not do anything because they were already over booked that weekend. I read A LOT of positive reviews about PH and that was part of our reasoning for booking site unseen but I'm starting to question where all of the negative reviews are hiding because I imagine we are not the first people to have problems. I never write reviews but I plan to after the wedding so hopefully at least one bride has the honest truth. I'm sure people have great experiences but in my opinion for 20K + we could have gotten married in the Cape. :( 
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    I haven't had any experiences there but when looking at venues I mentioned it to my fiance (he's from the area, I'm not) and he told me NO WAY!. Said that he was at several events there and never had a good experience... I'm so sorry!
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