Bachelor Party - Help!

Hello Ladies!

I frequented these boards when I was planning my wedding and they were super helpful - now I need more help!
My husband needs to plan a bachelor party for his friend for mid-September - he is way pushing things til last minute and has been having a heck of a time figuring out what to do.  We are from MN and are unfamiliar with the area.  The guys are in their early thirties and would probably like to do something besides the whole bar scene.  What are your fiances doing for their parties in the area?   Most people will be coming from out of town, as they are all mostly former Army buddies.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Bachelor Party - Help!

  • If they like bowling, Pinstripes is a good place.  Dave and Buster's is fun.  Will they be staying in the city or somewhere in the suburbs?  Would they have any interest in a cigar bar?  Casino's?  Would they be interested in a jazz or piano bar?
  • On Saturdays in Lincoln Park, Paddy Long's has beer and bacon tastings.  They fill up fast, and I can't promise all the Saturdays next month aren't booked.  I've been to it in my pre-gluten free days, and it would be pretty close to what you're looking for.  Its a bar, but during the day and pretty laid back. 
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