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Bride refuses to talk to me

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I was asked to be a bridesmaid and help plan one of my girlfriends weddings back in april (notice it's almost september) and after I accepted she stopped talking to me altogether. I've tried calling, texting and even facebook messaging her but I never get a response. I just love how one minute I go from "you're like a sister to me" to "i'm not gonna talk to you and not tell you why". The whole thing makes 0 sense and I have no idea what to do about any of it *is frusturated*

Re: Bride refuses to talk to me

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    Have you tried getting a hold of any of the other bridesmaids to see what's up?  Personally I would assume that I've been relieved of my duties and stop fretting about her.
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    I had a similar experience, wedding is in october, bride moved away in January, and I didn't really hear anything from her until last month. Turns out she was just really busy.

    Don't assume that you have been "relieived of your duties". She might just be extremely busy with things. If you can get in touch with her, ask her if there's anything going on, what you can do to help, what the shower/party plans are, etc.

    If she STILL persists in not speaking to you, simply let her know that you are dropping out of the wedding, but know that this will probably end your friendship (whatever is left of it).

    It's best to talk these things out, because sometimes the explanation isn't what you think it is, and you can avoid drama/hurt feelings.


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    have you checked the obituaries?
    I love this answer. :)
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    She might be crazy busy.

    Are you trying to talk to her about purely wedding stuff or just normal stuff too?

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