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Plan for 4 days in LV including wedding-critique needed

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Hey all you Vegas beauties! So I have a rough plan of how the 4 days look, please help me make this an amazing wedding trip for us! Arriving on Sunday 22nd June, 2014. Day 1- arrive at 1450. Taxi to hotel (thinking limo transfer to make special or contact Wynn to get theirs?) check into our room-Wynn Tower Suite. Relax and have a short strip stroll. Evening meal....classy Denny's burger and milkshake (an American tradtion for us!) Day 2- get our vegas hire car delivered (corvette convertible!) Go to the clarke county court office to pick up our marriage licence, drive the scenic route through red rock canyon. Back to Wynn, then gondola ride in the Venetian. Evening at Fremont street-any dinner recommendations? Day 3- wedding day! Breakfast, couples massage in the Wynn spa then kick him out so I can have my HMU done. Meet in Wynn bar (which is most romantic?) for a pre-wedding drink then go to Graceland chapel, Elvis wedding! Then strip photo shoot, finishing at the Chandelier bar for cocktails then Olive at Bellagio for evening meal about 7pm out on the patio. Thought process for olive-not too pretentious or expensie. Its an iconic view and Vegas position. Then more drinks and gambling! Day 4 - what have we done feeling! Haha-only joking! Not sure if we go back to view the photos at the chapel, if so will do today. I really want to go to the neon museum today and then pool time before catching a show. Debating between absinthe or a cirquil show-again recommendation needed. Thinking a good steakhouse for dinner on this day? Day 5 - breakfast, check out, switch corvette to mustang GT for our honeymoon road trip through California. Phew! What do you think? I have also posted this on trip advisor as that site has been brilliant in helping me plan this as well as here.

Re: Plan for 4 days in LV including wedding-critique needed

  • Sounds like a great trip!  

    For dinner on Fremont I would recommend some of the nicer places at Golden Nugget, Vic & Anthony's (steak), Grotto (Italian) or Chart House (seafood). 

    I'm a big fan of Cirque shows, 'O' is probably my favorite for a true Cirque experience.  Zuamanity is fun if you don't mind seeing naked body parts.  When we went we got a cozy love seat couch.  If you like the Beatles or Michael Jackson you could check out Love or One.  Wynn has a great show, Le Reve - I would wonder if you could get any discounts since you are staying with them?

    I know you said Denny's is an American tradition for you, but I will also suggest Peppermill for a diner type experience.  It's open 24 hours as well and on the strip right before Riviera.  Also, if you are looking for a good burger there is Burger Bar (in the shops between Luxor and Mandalay Bay) and Holsteins at Cosmo (adult milkshakes are great!)

    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • Sounds amazing! Don't really have much advice on your queries but I think what you have so far is going to be wonderful :)

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  • I second Holisteins! Amazing burgers! I also will recommend I love Burgers in Plazzo,,, 

    Check with the Wynn for a discount on Le Reve. Its suppose to be pretty good.

    However I love Cirques! My favorite is KA, Mystere and O. As for musical cirque shows, One and love are awesome! 
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  • It sounds like you have a great trip planned! Holsteins is tasty (alcoholic milkshakes, yum!), but since you'll have a car I'd venture off strip either to the Grind (on Tropicana, you order your burger with just about any toppings, sauces, or cheeses you could want) or Bachi Burger (Japanese-American style burgers, tempura fried avocado, truffle parm fries, yum!) The Wynn has a dueling piano bar I like, the bar near the front of the encore has a nice ambiance too but I can't remember the name. Check with the Wynn to see if they can get you a deal on Le Reve, cirque shows are amazing as well. KA and Zumanity are especially male friendly (KA has a war and love theme, Zumanity is sensual without being crass- you'll be going back to your room ASAP after) if your FI isn't big into the arts. Love (and I hear, One) is great if you like the artist but less cirque-y than the varieties not themed after a music sensation, so fewer acrobatics.
  • Good call on the Bachi Burger @annathy03!  Those oxtail fries are AMAZING!  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
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