DIY Centerpieces Under $20?

I am trying to stick to a budget of under $10 per centerpiece, but it seems nearly impossible. I do not want to deal with live flowers myself Pinterest just showed a lot of expensive things with people calling them cheap (some I know would cost about $200+!). I did find one that was promising but after getting a vase that'll probably be $10 on its own, it'd probably be $25 (Attaching the photo). It's cute, but I'd rather just pay $40-50 for something else from a florist than to put so much work to save just $10-20 each. If you find a similar vase for about $5, let me know. I haven't even found a similar one yet. 

Other than that, I'd love some centerpiece ideas. The wedding is in September 2014, but I really DON'T want anything fall-themed. Or beach-themed. Or rustic-chic. The cheapest thing I could find is taking a few granny smith apples, cutting a piece out of the top and dropping tea light candles in there. It's interesting but kind of boring. My colors are purple (bridesmaids/groomsmen vests) and gold/champagne (my dress--gold sash, light gold under ivory lace). I haven't decided if I'm doing purple or gold table runners.


Re: DIY Centerpieces Under $20?

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    Don't want anything with photos. :/ 

    With flowers--I don't want to have to do it all the morning of my wedding or deal with dying flowers, that's why I was trying to do that same thing with baking cups. But buying vases or candle stick holders are about $10 each, plus 1300 straight pins, and 13 foam balls. I MIGHT be able to get foam balls for under $3 each (floral ones are like $6 that I've seen). I was hoping to find vases/candlestick holders for about $1-2 each, but I have not yet. 

    For submerging silk --I was going to do just that with LED light, candle etc, but I don't want to eff it up. It's $50 if the florist does it, $20 for me to do it, not including shipping (and that's when I could get the vases for $1 each--they're not available anymore, so it's closer to $5 each, $10-15 per table just for vases). Silk flowers are as expensive as real ones. I wanted dyed dendrobium orchids. Those barely exist in silk flowers (and they're just as expensive).

    I tend to kill plants immediately. I'd have to find a bunch to go together, too--like 13 tables; that probably wouldn't happen, and I'm just not a fan having a potted plant on the table.

    I'd need several lanterns; it's not my style. But even if I did do that, I don't see it being under $20 (I'm even wanting to stay at about $10). People on Pinterest/the internet act as if I just have a ton of lanterns or wine bottles, bottle corks, or whatever lying around my apartment just waiting to be used in craft. No, I'd have to drink hundreds of dollars of wine first...

    I don't bright fruit ruining the look of the room. I don't need more colors clashing.

    Flower petals are expensive, too, especially after buying several candles and candle holders per table.

    I'm not a DIY person at all, so I want to avoid ribbon and lace. If it doesn't look 100% professional, it's not worth it. Everything sounds cheap, but when you look at actual costs, it's not.
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    Okay...  Well how about visiting some florists and party rentals/decoration businesses and saying "Here is my budget.  What can it get me?"
  • Have you tried the dollar store for the candlesticks or Goodwill? I think Ikeas has some cheap ones too.
  • I am also having a wedding in Sept 2014 and I have worked out my center pieces to be just under 20$ per table (about 40 center pieces total with all tables including head tables and dessert tables, etc..).  What I am doing is having my friends/family save wine bottles for me ( I know you mentioned you didn't want to spend money on having to drink the wine but if you have other family members or friends to help you it goes a long way if they are going to drink it sister and mom have already saved 15).  You can also buy cheap wine for 2$/bottle at Trader Joes if you like to drink it yourself.  Then I have just been watching the Hobby Lobby weekly sales they offer and it just so happened that this week all of their floral stems, greenery, and fillers were 50% off so I ended up saving a ton of money on my flowers and greenery I chose and all together everything has come out to about 18$ (including shipping).  If you have the time, just keep checking in with Hobby Lobby...that's my best advice I can give has already saved me so much money (I think the all the floral is still half price until the end of the week so you still have a couple days if you already kind of know what you want.)  Hope this helps, good luck!
  • Have you tried the Dollar Tree website? They are $1 a candlestick. They are 4 inches tall. I am not sure what size you want but its worth a look. :) I hope this helps! 

  • Thanks, jessicacacollazo (I hope I spelled that right!). That was exactly what I needed from the Pinterest thing. I was looking for vases instead of candle stick holders, which explains why I couldn't find something to work. :P That makes the Pinterest idea doable money-wise. I haven't decided if I'm going to do it though. 

    The cheapest thing I could find with the first florist was $35 for a vase and a single flower. I went to another florist, and they worked with me much better. The first is newish (at least a few years in the business) and didn't seem to understand the budget factor; it was a week before she even emailed me a quote, when they should be able to discuss cost right there so you're not emailing for months trying to find something that works. It also turns out (thanks for not telling me up front!) that she has a $1500 minimum which is way over my budget (despite us telling her we were on a budget). The reason I'm not just going to any florist is I want someone who has experience with blue dyed dendrobium orchids for the bouquets; the first florist is the only one in the city I could find with photos of them in their portfolio. I'd also called about 30 of them to specifically ask if they'd done them before (and if they had a minimum). I finally found another who had done them, and he's been in the business for 30 years. He helped me find centerpieces for $20-25 that I really like (he also said the way she would do the bouquets was crazy and no wonder why she would charge $225 for it and $115 for the BMs in the midwest--it was way too time-consuming!)

    Thanks for your help everyone! At the very least, I'll be using the candlestick holder/baking cup Pinterest idea for the front foyer table (and my kitchen table--no water "flowers" all year!)
  • my wedding is also purple and in septmeber I'm having same dilema...been trying to see if others are selling any of their stuff from their wedding first but haven't had much luck
  • Oriental Trading also has some cheap decorations and things if you want to check out their website. They don't have an extensive wedding section, but they have some, and what they do have is cheap. Love the Sola flower idea @HookerWhitney !

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    @HookerWhitney- I'm in love with your centerpieces! I've never heard of sola flowers before but they're beautiful! I can figure out most of how you did the centerpiece but am puzzling over the paint- what did you use it for? The flowers seem to come in lots of colors.
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  • @HookerWhitney can you please send a link and instructions? I have never heard of sola flowers! Looks beautiful. Do they have all white? I need help with low low low cost centerpieces also!! Thanks!
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    Nevermind, I just saw you did not want flowers.

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