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Anyone else just starting to plan?

I keep reading about all these Oct '14 brides who have already done so much and I've still just been doing research! Is there anyone else that is just starting out or in the early stages of planning? All these ladies who have it so together so early are making me nervous!! :) 

Re: Anyone else just starting to plan?

  • I'm in the same boat. I have still yet to find a place. I haven't decided on colors yet. I some what have my bridal party picked but no one has been formally asked yet. 
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  • Me!! 
    We have a date and a place, but that's all for now.  I had already been looking around at places a little bit before we got engaged because we already knew we wanted to get married next fall - it's crazy how much things book up in advance! 
    We've only been engaged for a little more than a week.
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  • I don't even know what wedding colors I want yet :-( this is so stressful, even just picking colors haha
  • I agree!! We have our venue (which felt like was a huge achievement on the checklist!) and after that ... nada. No clue what I'm doing on colors, themes, flowers...so many options its easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. 
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  • So glad you all posted!!!!! Nice to know I'm not the only one

    We got engaged in May. Booked the reception venue (required to use their caterer) and DJ. Only reason why we have those is we wanted to get our date set and the DJ was offering a really good discount :P

    I haven't picked my colors yet either. I'm thinking pink, but don't know what shade or other colors with it
  • I don't even know what wedding colors I want yet :-( this is so stressful, even just picking colors haha
    I hear you. I'm terrible at making decisions. We just recently decided to go with plum & goldenrod for ours :)
  • I'm in the same boat! We've got our venue (combined ceremony and reception) and a photographer, that's it. I feel like I should have more planned but we also have over a year...
  • I just got engaged early in August, and we got the venue booked (yesterday!) but that's it. It's a huge weight off to have the venue selected, because now I feel like it will be easier to pick other elements that tie in with the location. Still, LOTS to decide on!
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  • Same here!!! Booked the venue, but thats it....Now looking at colors!
  • I keep going back and forth on what shades of the colors I want! So difficult lol.
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  • I got engaged about a month ago and we're planning for October 2014, but haven't got anything set in stone yet. I've looked at a couple venues but everywhere is SO EXPENSIVE! I can't settle a budget because I was not expecting it to be anywhere near this expensive!!
  • I don't know a whole lot about budget distribution, but I'd say the venue (& food) are probably going to be at least half of your entire budget, if not more. It is hard to economize on venue, but invites, flowers, attire, etc. can definitely be acquired more economically or done DIY.
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  • I think you're fine.  I got engaged in early June, and up until last week, I didn't have anything besides the reception venue settled...not even the church for the ceremony, which should really be first!  I'm planning from across the country, and I took a trip home over Labor Day Weekend and kind of had to settle the big stuff then, so in about three days, I put deposits down on my DJ, photographer and flowers, found a church, booked a rehearsal and quite possibly found the dress.

    The reason I was able to do all of that so quickly was because of all the research I did beforehand, so don't stress--the research is a huge undertaking and I definitely don't think you're behind if that's all you've done so far!
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  • I guess we are pretty far ahead (Venue, photog. Dj and dress). 

    A lot of it depends on where you live. I say dont stress yet. We all still have 13 months. :)

  • I got my venue, dj, florist, caterer, and baker booked :) i wanted to get all of the big stuff outta the way that way i can use this next year to really detail and let things come together.. I am a super planner and know that i am way a head of the game, ( i also have been engaged for a year already though) what was nice about it is that i could get every vendor that i wanted and didnt  have to settle due to their availability, my day was never booked out already. Best of luck to you and your planning!
  • We have date, place and photographer booked- mostly bc early October is one of the most popular times to get married here and everything books up fast. The other thing we have is our wedding planner.

    Other than that, I've met with some vendors but our planner has told me that its okay- you just kind of have to work at your own pace.

    I would suggest setting some solid deadlines for booking or tasting or trying on and then work from there. When it feels right, its right and just go for it!
  • I know I already posted here, but wanted to give an update:

    We got the date set and ceremony/reception site booked right away... and that's all.  We literally have not done anything this month. 
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    I am meeting with our caterer tonight and our photogs on Saturday..Oh and I changed our colors (slightly) without telling my FI. oops?!?!
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    I'm in the same boat!! I have gotten two of my major vendors taken care of though (location & photography). I have been engaged for over a year now though, and even though I am SO happy to be getting married next October, it is sooo hard to get out of the "I'll get to that later" mode. I used to think I had so much time to get everything done -- nope, not anymore!! 

    Best of luck to all of you with wedding planning! xx

    ETA: misspelling

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  • I am right with you. I don't know if I should start out with my dress style, venue, calendar....I look forward to reading what you decide on. 
  • Update: I decided on a dress!  They are estimating that it will come in sometime around late January. 

    @HisMrsJ - I would recommend deciding on a venue before picking a dress, or at least having an idea of what you want in a venue.  For example, a big ballgown might be a little out of place or impractical at my venue, which is outside at a nature conservancy (plus I need to get in and out of a canoe). 
    Picking a venue might also help you determine a date, based on their availability.  Happy Planning!
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  • Very smart of you choose the venue first. It would be sad to buy a dress and then not be able to wear it comfortably at the wedding or reception. Thank you for helping me. 
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