Rhode Island

Does anyone here live in Jamestown, RI? If you do, I could use your help!


My name is Kerrie and I planned to rent the Pavilion at Fort Getty Park for my ceremony and reception. I just went to the website so I could send in an application since we FINALLY set on a date in June 2014, and they are ONLY renting to residents now  :(  I really don't know what to do since we're been planning this low key, budget wedding around this space. I'm kicking myself now for not deciding on a date sooner and reserving it, but I really didn't think they would change their regulations and not rent to out of towners.

If anyone lives in Jamestown, RI and could apply for me that would be amazing. Idk if anyone would be willing to do this, but we are willing to compensate. Otherwise, I have no idea how we'll be able to afford our wedding since we're just bought a house and are on a budget.

Please e-mail me if you can help!

[email protected]

Thank you
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