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Show me/Tell me about your grooms cake! (If you're having one)


This is a post to keep my mind off of the hectic wedding planning for  a moment and focus on one of the more fun aspects of it.

I'm from the South where it is almost unheard of to NOT have a groom's cake, it's one of the few parts of the planning that the FI was excited about! I'm going to post a picture of our intended grooms cake, but I'll preface this by saying: I do not support his choice of Sports teams. I'm from Arkansas, I am a hog's fan. Our wedding is in Arkansas, most of our guests are from Arkansas, I have never lived anywhere else (except if you count my military service, those were involuntary). So, my FI is from Louisiana. He was raised in Northern Louisiana and came up to Central Arkansas for College and Graduate School, where he met me. So, that being said. Here is his groom's cake:


This is from another bakery and wedding, but it is the picture we used as inspiration. Again, this was all his choice. I had no say in the matter. The things I do for love :)

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Re: Show me/Tell me about your grooms cake! (If you're having one)

  • The grooms cake we want


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  • DH is a musician so I surprised him with a cake that looked like his favorite bass - and the flavor was meant to represent his favorite girl scout cookie (samoas).
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    Portal Cake! Black forest chocolate cake at that.

  • We served ours at the Rehearsal Dinner.
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  • Our groom's cake is the typical chocolate cake. It is shaped like Texas and has the A&M logo in the "West" and the EGA (Eagle Globe & Anchor) for the Marines on the "East". It also has little tuexdo strawberries for the groom and each groomsmen and then strawberries lining the cake. I'm excited to see how it comes out!
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  • At our cake tasting FI had a favorite flavor (a beer, honey and pretzel concoction), but we didn't end up choosing it for our wedding cake because we thought it wouldn't be a crowd pleaser. So I asked the baker to make him a groom's cake in that flavor. Not sure of how I might decorate it though.
  • I don't get why people have grooms cakes? (Not trying to be rude, I just really don't know!). I have planned our entire wedding (fiancé has been little to no help) and if anything I feel like he should be getting me a cake! ;)
  • My FI is a fire fighter so the groom's cake is going to be a mini replica of his engine. We found a set of cake toppers where the bride would be sitting over the edge of the top tier of the wedding cake, and the groom is in his bunker gear carrying a hose and climbing a ladder up the cake to the bride. Corny, but it's so "us" :)

    Grooms cake is going to red velvet (FI doesn't like cake, but he does like red velvet cake) and the wedding cake is going to have 2 tiers of white cake with strawberries and champagne filling, and 2 tiers of lime rum cake with white chocolate raspberry filling. yummmmmmm! 
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  • I don't understand the concept of the groom's cake. How did it come about? Why have one? When is it served - at the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner?
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  • Most of the weddings I've been to haven't had a groom's cake.  I can understand if it's served during the rehearsal dinner, but I think it's weird to serve it during the reception.  Almost like it's a competition.  

    My FH didn't want a groom's cake...instead, he wanted to spend more on our cake.  Good man.  :)
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  • I want to get an Optimus Prime cake as a surprise for my fiance to be served at our wedding.  Our wedding is in five weeks so I really need to call our baker and see if it's something they can do.  they are a traditional bakery, so I don't know if they can do something like that.

    that batman cake is sick!  I love it!
  • He wanted red velvet cake. It will be decorated in patches of green, brown and white. The stiches will be brown. Our Little Big Planet bride and groom will be on top.
  • Our grooms cake is going to be a king cake. We are getting married the weekend before Mardi Gras, so we are incorporating Mardi Gras as much as possible.

  • TARDIS cake or at least a cake with a replica TARDIS and some other wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. I'll post a picture once we've actually made the awesomeness that will be this cake. And if you don't know what a TARDIS is... I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.

    It is served during the reception and typically is a different flavor than the wedding cake. (traditionally the wedding cake would be white or yellow cake and the grooms would be chocolate) it more recent years it has turned into a ridiculously fun cake of whatever flavor yall choose. 

  • I don't understand the concept of the groom's cake. How did it come about? Why have one? When is it served - at the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner?
    It's a southern thing, I haven't ever seen a wedding without one (we are from Texas). I am not sure how it came about, but I think it is a way to include the groom's interests during the wedding since nearly everything else is typically decided by the bride. We served ours at the reception alongside our wedding cake! So we cut the wedding cake and then the groom's cake and then served them :) Groom's cakes are typically chocolate, too, which gives some variety amongst the cakes since wedding cakes typically aren't chocolate.

    I have attached a picture of our groom's cake :)
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