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August 2013 Weddings

Goodbye to the dress

I got married on 8/3 and finally just got around to dropping my dress off to be cleaned and preserved. Putting her in a box forever feels like saying goodbye to an old friend. :) Just for curiosities sake, how many of you are having your dresses preserved vs. selling them? I'll be honest, before the wedding I thought about trying to sell my dress post wedding b/c I'll never wear it again... but after our wedding and all the fabulous memories of the day, I don't know if I can part with her. lol

Re: Goodbye to the dress

  • audubonbride2013audubonbride2013 DC Area member
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    I'm planning to sell my dress.  I'm not exactly sure how I'll go about doing that, but I know I don't want to preserve it.  My mom had a bad experience where she preserved her gown and when we took it out of the box after I got engaged it had not been preserved well at all.  Bugs had crawled into the box and bag and some had died so there were stains all over the dress.  Because of this and the lack of space in our one bedroom apartment, I am definitely selling my dress.

  • The bottom of my dress is so dirty and gross it makes me sad. Also, someone stepped on it and ripped a point of the bustle... was anyone else's dress totally trashed? I was gonna do a photo shoot with my girls and my horse, but I don't even wan to put my poor dress back on :(
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  • The bottom of my dress is totally gross. We took pictures inside Ohio Stadium and around Ohio State's campus for about 2 hours before our ceremony and then hit up a bar for an "after party" post reception until ~2am.... I was in it for about 14hours and it shows. :/ However, the memories and the great time we had totally outweigh the condition my dress is in. I'm having it cleaned now. They are supposed to preserve it as well, but now I'm second guessing that step- b/c people are right- how in the world am I supposed to know if is actually clean or now?  
  • We had a blast at the reception, as well, and there is nothing I could have done differently short of sitting on my butt all night LOL. I just wonder if its even worth it to try and have it cleaned.
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