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LI band decisions

I am leaning toward using David Clark and the Renegades. However, I wanted to see if anyone has seen Arcadia, the other paramount band. If anyone has experience with both, is there any feedback on which one is better? I am also unsure about the decision because I am not positive how well they do Motown/soul. Is there another band I should consider that doesn't exceed $10,000? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Re: LI band decisions

  • Soul Revival!!  They played our wedding and were awesome!!  They sound great playing Motown/Soul/Funk and are well under $10,000.  I know they are having a showcase soon because a co-worker of mine is going :-)  Their website is:  I highly recommend them!
  • I am booked with David Clark and the Renegades!  I don't think you can do better for the price... my sister used them at her wedding 4 years ago and we had a great time at the wedding.  They have changed lead singers since then, so we went to check them out at a showcase and were beyond thrilled with the new female vocals.  HIGHLY recommend them!!
  • Thanks! At Courtney: Does Soul Revival play all other genres well too?
  • jtgelfand - Yes!  They played all kinds of different types of music at our wedding.  I remember that they had a pretty extensive song list but we also requested a few songs for our first dance and parent dances that weren't on there.  Justin was super easy to work with which made everything so much easier!
  • 747 Orchestra.  We used them and so did 4 of our friends.  They made our reception amazing.  Their songs sound EXACTLY like the originals and our guests never stopped dancing. I know we paid less than that and were well worth the money.  They have great reviews on Yelp and other sites.  Everyone in the band also sings.  :)
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