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I am co planning a bachelorette for my best friend from high school. We are trying to think of some fun games to play that are over done. Any ideas?

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    Pinterest has lots of games. Are you looking for drinking games? Socializing games? Know the bride games? Theres a lot out there.
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    I think the panty game is fun depending on your group of can be played different ways .. I recently went to a bachelorette party where we all got the bride a pair of underwear... they can be sexy.. goofy.. funny..anything really and the bride guesses who they are from.. made into a drinking game.

    you could also do a photo scavenger hunt and everyone has to collect different shots... like picture of the bride getting bought a drink.. get a guy to show you their abs..get someone to give you a piece of clothing..find another married couple and get them to kiss ...etc...these are just random ideas but it could work with really anything... have fun!

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