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(LONG) Ikea's gift registry....

Can I just say how much I LOVE Ikea. It has so many awesome things! Me & my fiance were stoked we found out IKea Pittsburgh now has a gift registry. Unfortunately their registry process was a complete & total nightmare.....

Has anyone else tried regisrting there yet? How was your experience? I am just so disappointed! I love Ikea but I think they announced the arrival of their registry before it actually arrived... 

I tried looking for for somewhere to send a formal complaint but the closest thing I found was the contact us page on IKEA's US website. I got an automated email back informing me that "IKEA does not have a gift registry at this time." Yeah, except for that gift registry that I filled out. 

Here is the portion of the email I sent them that details the big & small things that together ruined the registry experience for us. I really wouldn't care to mention the smaller things, but I figured while I'm pointing out the big things that they need to fix, I might as well point out the small things too. I really love IKEA & wanted the letter to be more of a calm constructive critism letter (though I did start getting a little mad toward the end there) than a complaint, because I would love it so much if IKEA would fix these issuses and have a registry that is actually fun & easy to fill out, update, & complete. But just so you guys know what you may be getting into should you head to IKEA to fill out a registry, here is what I experienced.

EDIT: Acutally, because of how long this ended up being when I posted it, I just went through & deleted all the small stuff.

2) (BIG). We were given a scanner & told (& the brochure states) that we could start upstairs in the showroom & scan the barcode on products to add things to our registry. They said the smaller things will have bar codes, & the larger things will have pink tags that say “Gift Registry” on them & we should scan the bar code that will be on the back of the pink tags. Well, nothing in the showroom had a bar code & only three things that we saw had a pink tag, however, those three tags did not actually have a barcode on the back! We had to write almost everything we wanted down & then attempt to seraph for it online to add it to our registry.


4) (BIG) Out of the three links on the internet that IKEA Pittsburgh has for us to enter the registry center, only one works. The one on the IKEA Pittsburgh webpage does not work (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/store/pittsburgh/service ), & the one they sent us to “send to our guests” does not work. The only link that works is this one: http://www.ikeapittsburgh.com/  I personally want to make sure that if I fill out a registry, especially with as much trouble as this one has given us, that my guest are actually able to access it.


6) (BIG). Some of the things we DID scan didn’t show up on our registry. Seriously... after all that, we then get to find out that some things didn’t even show up? That we now need to scour the very poorly put together online registry, for not only the things we couldn’t scan, but wrote down, but for items that we didn’t even write down? Can you say “Last straw.”


7) (BIG). As I said above, your online registry is poorly put together. I tried to find most things by typing in the name, but since most of the names of items on the online registry were littered with abbreviations, or and random question marks in them it was a pain to find everything. 


I ended the letter saying how dissapointed we were, & how we would love to come back & finish our registry if some of these big flaws were fixed... This is just so irritating and sad... I don't know, maybe I'm making too big a deal or something but.. I just feel like the only thing other thing that could've went wrong would be having nothing that we scanned show up on registry, as opposed to just somethings that we scanned not showing up..... 

Oh boy do I hope they fix it up. I really want to finish my registry.. they have so many cute stuff.... Cry


Re: (LONG) Ikea's gift registry....

  • arf3420arf3420 member
    edited December 2011

    Thank you so much for posting this!  Sorry to hear about your horrible experience :-(   I had actually just discovered that you could register at Ikea a couple of days ago and was so excited.  We're  going to start registering in the next couple of months and I was thinking of adding Ikea to the list.  Now maybe we'll rethink that... unless maybe they get their act together before then!  How disappointing!!

  • MrsDydekMrsDydek member
    edited December 2011
    Well,  I did get something from IKEA yesterday saying that they are working on fixing the problem. So hopefully they are & will soon. If this was any other store I would just say oh well, guess my business will head somewhere else then. But this is IKEA! It is so full of awesome, I just want their registry to be full of awesome too! 
    I'll let you know if I here anything else back from them on the matter.
  • edited December 2011
    Thanks for posting this.  I, too, LOVE Ikea and was so stoked when I found out that they are now doing registries.  Hopefully the mistakes you're encountering are only because the process is new for them and they are working out their kinks.  Hope the rest of your registry process goes smoothly :)  Can't wait to start mine!
  • edited December 2011
    Friends registered at IKEA for their wedding (held Sat.), and I had a hard time trying to get their registry online.  There was some passcode needed to access it, which she didn't give out.  I went to IKEA and had them print it out for me.  I ended up buying a gift card after all of that...I wouldn't reccommend it for non-tech-savy guests b/c it's such a hassle. 
    I hope they get it fixed quickly.  I just discovered the wonders of IKEA, so I'm hoping things will get better for you ASAP.
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  • I actually have been doing some research about a registry service at IKEA. What I found out was that they only have a registry service in their Portland store and that there is really awesome feedback. Apparently they have some great features and it's easy to use.
    Having said that it's only in the Portland store :(
    I'm trying to find out if they are planning to roll it out in other stores because we definitely would love to register there. Does anyone know of a person to contact in IKEA?
  • Thanks for the heads up on this.  I hadn't even considered IKEA, it could be a great option.  But with your terrible experience on this front-end of things, I wonder if it will be horrific on the back-end of things when you receive multiples on your list, or have to return items, etc.  Is it going to be a pain as well?  When people purchase items are they even going to come off the registry?  I would probably refrain if I were considering IKEA.
  • We tried to register at Home Depot and it was a mess as well.  It seems like some places are really geared toward wedding registries, and some simply are not.  If you're looking for furniture though, a lot of other more traditional wedding registry places actually have that too (just online,not in the store).
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