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I'm ready to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids!

  I wanted to do something fun while asking my friends to be a part of my wedding. We are going out to dinner tomorrow night and I plan on broaching the subject then. I made these and plan on just handing them out and waiting for responses. Inside the boxes are ring pops. What do you think?


Re: I'm ready to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids!

  • I agree, the boxes are cute but I would ask each one separately.
  • If they are your true friends they would appreciate your idea. Anyway, you can understand them if they will not be available to make it during your wedding right? Your surprise to them is a cool idea.
  • @msgrinn, PP are considering things like some of the girls may not be able to afford a dress, someone might already have plans, etc. The peer pressure to say "yes" in a group setting like that is astronomical.
  • Your idea is cute, but I'd approach each individually. 

  •    I get what you guys are saying and honestly didn't even think about the fact that they may not say no if asked in a group setting. I am fully prepared that someone may say no, since being in a wedding is a big financial commitment. I have had to tell one of my friends no in the past. I'm thinking now that I'll just drop them in the mail. This way they can get back to me after they have had time to think about it.

  • Two problems with this:

    1) Approaching them as a group isn't a good idea.  Some may be able to do it, some may not, but this might invite unwanted attention and possibly judgment from those who accept toward those who decline-plus, having to decline puts pressure on people to state their reasons, which they might not want to share in front of others.

    2) Regardless of how "cute" this particular gesture is, it puts too much pressure on people to accept who may not be able to. 

    I'd lose the "cute" gifts and gestures and just make heartfelt individual requests to each rather than putting them on the hot seat if they don't feel like they can agree to do it.
  • I am not a big on the "cutesy gift when asking a friend to be a BM" thing, but that isn't important.  I definitely think that you should listen to the PP and ask each girl separately.  It not only gives each person a chance to think about it and say possibly say no in a less peer pressured manner, but it also comes off as a bit more intimate and special when it is just one on one.

  • Glad you reconsidered the group asking! I'm not usually a huge fan of gifts for this, but yours is simple, cute, and definitely not over the top. I would suggest asking your local friends in person if you can; I had some great moments asking mine!
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    i think its a really cute gesture, and also glad to hear that you won't be asking them in a group. 

    just one caution. the date in the picture is over a year away. i would hold off for a while. not to be a debbie downer, but relationships can change in the span of a year. i'd wait until 6 months, then pop the question. 

    edited because i read the date wrong. duh. 
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