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consumption bar?

Hello ladies, 
So I am about 10 days away now from my Vegas wedding. However we are running low on funds and we were just wondering if anyone has had a consumption bar and what was your total?  We are doing dinner at PJ Clarke's and we will only be there for about 3 hours.  And we will have about 60 people, of those only about 40 will drink.  I'm afraid the drinks are so expensive that it will add up really fast.  And is it really tacky to do a cash bar when everyone has traveled to get there?  Thank you so much ladies.
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Re: consumption bar?

  • I think cash bars in general are tacky.  If you can't afford alcohol for your guests, then you don't have any, but to ask guest to pay for stuff at a wedding is tacky.  I think its quite a let down to travel to las vegas for a wedding and not have alcohol or be asked to pay for your own.  Do they offer a beer only package or beer and wine package?   Then, at least, you would know the price amount before and you could avoid suprises

  • I agree with a13049, I think for a destination its important to host them at least one night, especially in Vegas.  Usually the beer and wine packages are a bit cheaper than if you include alcohol.  

    Can the venue give you an idea of average prices for a consumption bar for 60 people?  Knowing that only about 40 will drink you could probably get a good estimate from that.
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  • We were having the same concerns but decided to go with a set amount of beer and wine, then if anyone wanted liquor, they could buy that themselves. That way we knew ahead of time how much it was going to be.
  • We are having our wedding dinner at PJ Clarkes next year with approx. 40 guests (1 child) we too had the same worries but decided to go with the beer and wine package. I agree with Kimberly, If our guests want spirits they can buy it themselves. We are having a welcome drink then the B&W package, and later on DDB tour we are also providing drinks.

  • We will probably be having a consumption beer, wine and softdrink only bar for our meet and greet dinner as some of our guests don't drink at all and the ones who drink heavily will be 'pacing' themselves for a huge night out (our bachelor / bachelorette parties are after the meet greet).

    Consumption vs pkg really depends on your group and whether they are big drinkers. Im also not a fan of cash bars. I just went to a wedding over the weekend which was beer/wine only and it was great.

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  • If your guests aren't big drinkers, consumption is likely cheaper with 1/3 non drinkers. If they are, the 40 that do could easily make up for the 20 that don't and I'd strongly consider a beer and wine package. Most places on consumption you can set a $ limit and have them let you know when you approach it so you can decide to cut it off or extend by a set amount if you're worried and want to offer liquor. Cash bars are tacky in general, dry weddings are fine generally but when you ask people to travel to Vegas I think you should host some adult beverages.
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