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What's up with things- house, jobs, etc? 

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    No movement. We are house and job constipated.

    I can't remember if I posted the whole saga about the scary house in MD. We got pre-approved on a 203k loan and put in an offer on that house below asking and contingent on the KY house selling. At the same time we lowered the asking price on the KY house. It just seemed like such a perfect location and perfect opportunity that we would kick ourselves if we didn't try. And our RE agent had been so encouraging that an offer was coming any day now.

    It took the MD sellers a week to respond and when they did they countered with a higher price and with a kick-out clause. By this time we had a week to see that the price reduction on our house was spurring zero activity and I was waking up at night with nightmares. So I begged H to let us use the counter-offer to back out of the deal. Had we gone forward, he would have spent two months in MD working on plans and contractor bids and HUD consultant appointments that would be completely worthless if either our house didn't sell or if another buyer came along making a better offer. It woyld also eat up a lot if time that he should be spending looking for a job. I kniw him well enough to know this house would have become his full time job. Rejecting their counter felt like a HUGE weight lifting off of me, but he sulked for a week.

    That house (along with everything else we looked at in MD) is still in the market. Prior to our trip I was having trouble keeping a list of houses on Trulia because things were selling so fast. It's like real estate activity both here and there just froze. So if we were to get a good offer on our house we could dust off the pre-approval and make another offer. They might be willing to get rid of the kick-out clause if we are closer to closing on the sale of our house.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    I'd never heard of a kick out clause so had to look it up.  It sounds like you dodged a bullet getting out of the contract.  I'm sorry you're in such a state of limbo.  Hopefully it happens soon.
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    That would give me nightmares as well.  Gah.  I hope things move soon for you.
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