Wedding Woes


1.  The girls are following in their brother's footsteps.  DD1 is off the height chart completely and DD2 is in the 97th percentile.

2.  DD2 has to see an orthopedist in October.  We've noticed her right foot turning in a bit when she walks and runs.  The pediatrician saw enough to set up an appointment.  When I told my mom, she told me that I had to wear a corrective shoe on my right foot as an infant (due to positioning in the womb) and swore she had told me that before.  Nope, first I heard of it.

3.  My day was ruined when a mother at preschool asked me how far along I was.  Then she tried to cover by telling me how much weight she gained during her pregnancy and how she just can't take it off.  Thanks, stranger.  How can people get this far into adulthood and think asking people anything personal is ok?  What makes people think they are so special that they can say what they want?  I think about my belly every single day.  I'm doing the best I can to change it, but it's not anyone's business.  Why is that so hard to accept?

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    #3...Ugh.  I'm sorry.  :(  That's awful.   What a jerk.
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    Yay for tall kids!

    My mom has sworn she told me things before.  SHe lies.

    Boo for bitches.

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    GBCKGBCK member
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    1-you will forever struggle to buy them clothes :-P
    2-Moms are unreliable sources, always :)
    3-people suck.  And really, were they raised by wolves?  Mowgli has better manners than that!
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    PirateBarbiePirateBarbie member
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    3) I had a neighbor do the same thing to me at a block party when we lived in PA. 

    She was floored when I said "I'm not pregnant, just fat. Thanks."

    Her cover was, "oh, ok, i noticed you weren't drinking, so I just assumed...." (apparently my mixed drink was not as obvious as the bottle of vodka she was carrying around)

    I don't understand why people don't mind their own business. 

    ETA: then she offered to babysit whenever I did get around to having kids
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    I think "Boo for Bitches" needs to be a bumper sticker.
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    Even I know better then to ask how far along someone is and I see pregnant women ALL the time. Bitches be dumb.
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    1.  I was always off the charts for height until high school. 

    2. I wore special white baby combat boots when I was little.  I think they were for flat feet, which is ironic because I have freakishly high arches now.  I wear orthopedics now and they make such a difference.

    My mom also failed to mention that I had high cholestorol when I was 3.  She told me this when I was 23 and diagnosed with it AGAIN.  Meanwhile, cholesterol is just building up in my arteries.  No big deal, yo.

    3. Bitches.

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    3.  *eyebrow raise*  W.T.F? pretty much sums it up for me.  >:(  Not acceptable. 

    1.  Your kids will never have issues getting things off the tops shelves...lucky ladies.

    2.  How can your mom forget that? 

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    My mom is the worst about telling me things that happened. Even if it's recent. Family member gets ill and is hospitalized for a month? No worries- I don't need to know. I only recently found out that when I was a kid I had a bunch of x-rays done. Not a big deal but my mom told me that they were done at a military hospital and they calculated the x-ray dose wrong or somethign and as a result, I may have the same issues with my thyroid that she does. This was after she had her thyroid out and all that.

    Seriously, who says that? Like I thought it was common knowledge that you just didn't approach someone and ask about a pregnancy unless they had previously told you they were in fact pregnant. I'm sorry. :(
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