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November 2013 Weddings

Mailbox stalking?

Okay, so I feel like I can make this confession here, because you guys will understand!  We sent out our invitations on Saturday, and have heard from a lot of people confirming receipt.  Now I feel like I can't wait to get home to get to the mailbox to see if anyone has sent in their RSVP's.  I mean, realistically speaking I know that people aren't sending them in yet, but I can't wait to get home just to get to the mailbox.  Anybody else out there mailbox stalking?  It's torture!!!

Re: Mailbox stalking?

  • I'm not, but only because I know pretty much who is and isn't coming with the exception of maybe 8 people. I just am enjoying having consistent mail coming!


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  • I'll start stalking on Friday.  I sent them out yesterday.  In town people will get them today.  If they mail the RSVP's back immediately those will come on Friday.   Not that I've been giving much thought or anything. :- P

    We only invited 37 people and already know, for the most part, who is and isn't coming but there could be a couple of surprises.
  • I figured I would get one or two back today, but when I got home SIX were in the mailbox!!!!  Ahhhh!!!  It's real now.  People have invitations and are planning on coming.  I'm so excited!!!  66 days is too long!!!  (Yes, I realize that I'm overusing exclamation points.  Forgive me.  I got a little out of control.)
  • I seriously can't even wait to check the mail! It's bad. Lucky for me yesterday I thought nobody RSVP'd and one person did on my wedding website :)
  • I am now so excited to get home from work so I can check the mail. We sent out the invites last Thursday, and so far have heard back from nine people. Can't believe how close we are getting to 11/2/13!
  • I have also my RSVP deadline is Sept 9th for Nov 9th OOT destination wedding I have 5 come back so far with 16 says yes :)
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  • I sent my invites on Tuesday and most of my local friends/family got theirs yesterday (including my older brother who is in western MD - about 3 hours from where I live). I know my aunt put her RSVP card in the mail on Wednesday, and there's a good chance we'll have that from her today! 

    FI and I are going out of town and I'm excited about the possibility of RSVP cards in the mail box when we return Tuesday!!

  • I've had some people not get theirs yet... Sent them 2 weeks ago...damn USPS.  Resending some and hand delivering replacements to others.  I've heard from 22 people so far though so I'm getting excited and starting to work on the seating chart!
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