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A Signature Wedding

Our daughter's wedding - ceremony and reception - was held in our garden. So it was especially comnforting to me to know from the start that someone would be orchestrating the event. But Monique isn't just someone - she's a fairy godmother with a lovely smile, calm manner, great organizational skills, and a magic wand that makes everything turn out gorgeously!

Her vendors were absolutley top flight (when one's talking about Monique, one wants to use superlatives all the time). The florist's flower and event design turned our garden into A Midsummer Night's Dream; the lighting guys gave us perfect lighting that was warm and subtle and magical; her hairdresser created stunning (but soft) hairdo's for all the wedding party, not just the bride. As our event was in Ojai, Monique had to find new vendors in our area for rentals etc. and the feedback we got from them was that she was great to work with.

She provided a well-thought out time line for the ceremony and reception; she kept us on schedule throughout the night; and most importantly, she handled all the small issues that arose during the evening so that we all could just enjoy the festiviites without having to run off and deal with some drama.

There isn't a bride out there who does not need Monique and her staff to plan and co-ordinate her wedding! Having Monique on your team means you know - for sure - that nothing is going to be overlooked, that every vendor will deliver first class service on time, that your event will inspire gasps of wonderment and appreciation from your guests. And you will be fully present to enjoy the whole occasion without worrying about anything going wrong.
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