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Mid-Week Hump

Yay for Wednesday! I am so excited to be halfway through the week (school week that is). This was my first week back to school and I woke up on Monday with a sore throat, just the beginning of the cold that I now have as I sit sniffling, blowing my nose, and coughing while I type up this post. But, it is so nice to see friends again. Everyone is back in town, my BF's new apartment is super nice, my new roommate rocks, and I am currently sitting my mom's lab while my parents and younger siblings go to Disney World.

Excuse me while I snag a kleenex ;-)

Anyways, while I have enjoyed these first few days back at school I am looking forward to this weekend as I do not have to work. I am hoping my cold is mangeable enough by Friday so that I can enjoy the Macklemore concert and that I can enjoy my weekend off and enjoy the college football game party my BF and his roommates are throwing. Crossing my fingers that this cold goes away!

How has everyone else's week been so far? Any plans this weekend?

Re: Mid-Week Hump

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    Hope you feel better, @psychbabe314!

    I bathed my cat last night. I think that summarizes my week so far. The weekend is so far away that my only goal/plan is to get to it.
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    @KeptInStitches, lol! cats in a bath, that always make smile! Did it go well? Also thank you!
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    BF and I are alive and unscarred, if that qualifies as going well. And I don't think the cat took any sick form of revenge like peeing outside her litterbox, and she seems to have forgiven us.
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    @aliciaharrison, that sounds fun! I have always wanted to go to a Renaissance Festival. Make my own costume :-) I really like sewing! One of these days I will have to put up a picture of the costume I made last year for Halloween, I was a barmaid. Since I am on the chubby side I wanted a costume that did not come up to my butt, so I made my own that came down a bit lower on my thighs. It was a huge hit and I got so many compliments! BF could not wait to get me out if it ;-)
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    @aliciaharrison, I would love to have a corset! A gypsy sounds fun to go as!
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     @psychbabe314 - Feel better soon!

    @aliciaharrison - I love Ren Faire!  I took H this year (his first time) with some family, including my niece and nephew who had a blast.  H didn't care for it much, which sort of sucked but I anticipated given his interests (at least he tried).  Awesome that both you and your BF enjoy it together, though!

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