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Signature cocktail?

Hey girls (or guys),
I was hoping to find some advice on our signature cocktail. Our wedding is in Mystic, CT (hometown) and we're having like an alice in wonderland tea party type theme (more like a motif than a theme). But I like simple drinks and not too sweet, and a lot of my cousins and family members and friends with children, so I don't think many people will be doing heavy drinking, and those who do are wine and beer drinkers. So I want to do just a signature cocktail for cocktail hour, and I LOVE vodka tonics, so I was thinking lemon vodka tonics (with lemon tonic, not lemon vodka). Is something this simple too simple, like not appropriate? I think since, it looks like lemonade, we could have vintage coke shop straws and could be really cute. And fit my idea perfectly.

Thanks, Kacy

Re: Signature cocktail?

  • I think it's a great idea.  Not to simple.  It's your wedding - your idea sounds perfect for your idea.  Maybe even give it a Cinderella themed name or something to tie it all in...the "The Glass Slipper" or something along those lines...
  • That sounds cute. There's also a drink called the "White Rabbit" after Alice in Wonderland. It has a couple variations as to how you could make it including a vodka base.
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  • I think it's a great idea.  I can see it with cute straws and lemon wedge garnishes!
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  • You could do a "Queen of Tarts" drink.. you can totally do your "tart" lemony vodka :) .  We are doing a drink called the "St. Martin-i" since we got engaged in St. Martin.  I dont even care what it is i just LOVE the name I came up with :)
  • We are doing a lemonade drink. It's lemonade, sparkling moscato, and a splash of grenadine. Perfect for people who aren't serious liqueur drinkers. I garnish it with fresh blueberries, but might it be too sweet for your taste. We are also serving regular lemonade for kids and people who don't want to drink.
  • You could do something with iced tea and call it a "Mad Hatter's Special Blend"
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