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WidoNoMo! Le me introduce myself and share

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Almost three years ago my husband suddenly died of a heart attack just a week after his 51st birthday. 

At the age of 53 I started online dating and met a fabulous man . . . who lived 100 miles away.  For our first date, we met halfway and had a picnic in a park by the river and sat on a dock and watched rain come up the river as we talked for hours. He is simply gorgeous, kind, intelligent, funny, sensitive.   

We've been talking about marriage since early this summer.  I know he's ordered a ring.   So fast forward to tonight.   He's asked me to meet him where we had our first date--a picnic on the river between where we both live.  This incredible man is going to ask me to marry him!  AAAAAAH!  I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it.  I feel like I'm 18 again.  I just had to tell someone besides my daughter.  

I know he wants to be married as soon as we can, as do I, so I'll need to rely on this community for help.  It's been 33 years since I planned a wedding.

Thanks for sharing, ladies.  I look forward to our interactions.

Re: WidoNoMo! Le me introduce myself and share

  • How exciting! Congrats on finding a great man :) 

    This board is dedicated to fitness. You'll have better interactions if you post your intro on the 'Chit Chat' board. Best of luck! 
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