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November 2013 Weddings

Can We Talk Registries

So I've got three separate thoughts on wedding gifts, and I want to see if I'm alone on this stuff... 
  • Anyone else periodically checking their registries? I can't help it! We've got our first "shower" this weekend (visiting his parents in Alabama, and they're throwing us a party since so many of his relatives won't be coming to MD for the wedding). Then I have two showers in September (one thrown by my boss for co-workers, the other my "real" shower), and now that invites have gone out, I'm periodically checking them to see what's been purchased. I'm telling myself it's because I want to make sure there are enough things on there to go around (and that's part of it for sure), but it's also because I want  to see what we're going to be getting - it doesn't ruin the surprise because we don't know who we're getting stuff from or when! 
  • It may be weird/in conflict with my last statement, but I have a lot of anxiety about gifts. I don't want people to spend a ton of money on presents - I had a hard time adding gifts over $50 or $60 to my registry... and the only thing over $100 is our luggage set. Anyone else?
  • Does anyone else have people asking you if there's anything you really want from your registry? Fiance and I have been together 8 years, co-habitating for 6, we're in our early 30's and most of the stuff we've ever wanted we've gotten for ourselves. The truth is, while stuff is cool, there is nothing I'm dying to own. 

Re: Can We Talk Registries

  • I'm the same way...My fiance and I have already been living together for several years for there is nothing in particular that we already need. But I haven't been checking my registry...We put a wide range of things on there and I figured since our wedding is small and most people know each other, our friends will most likely pitch in together to get us a gift. 
  • I've had some guests ask us what we would like from our registry and I have to say that it's sort of an awkward question to be asked because I would be happy with just about anything. I don't know what to tell them, I've been asked three times and I just say to ask FI since he probably wants something specific from there like fancy knives...who knows?

    We have a few items that are pricey but most everything else is under $100. I would say the average is around $40-60 and lately from the last time I checked my registry to make sure nothing was out of stock/ no longer being sold there were mainly gifts being bought from all price ranges...nothing too specific. I have to say though, it made me kind of excited/guilty knowing what we are getting.

  • @southernpeach89...I have also had guests ask what we really want. I found it awkward and said that honestly anything they choose will be wonderful. I guess I am thinking since we registered for it, we want it LOL. 

    Pretty much most of our registry is under $100. I tried to put a decent amount of choices under $50 as well. 
  • I found that people were surprisingly generous at my showers. We had a few expensive gifts (china, keurig, sheets and a comforter) and we got some of them, but not all. We also got gift cards that will cover what we did not receive.

    I put a range of prices, with the average being between $50-75, because you never know.

    We've actually been encouraged to add more because most everything was purchased off of our registries before the wedding and some want to buy physical gifts.


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  • I also have been checking our registries, but no one has bought anything from there yet. We haven't had any showers (and no dates are selected yet even). So it doesn't really surprise me that no one's bought anything yet. I tell myself I am checking to make sure we don't have items that are discontinued, but it's really just because I want to know what we're getting.

    FI and I aren't living together, he still lives with his parents, and I just moved out on my own at the end of last year, so most of what I have is second hand or the cheap version of things, which we are hoping to upgrade. We have a wide range of prices, and I don't feel bad putting some more expensive things on, as I figure sometimes people like to do a group gift, so the pricier things give them that option.


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  • I dont have a registry this time (dont need to or plan to) but at our wedding we registered. We ended up with 3 tea makers, microwave and money. Definitely not the gifts i had in mind ;) 
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  • I have the same issue to a point.. I do check from time to time. However only 25% of the items are below $100. I've been on my own for 18 yrs so I have everything mostly just the cheaper version of. I figured I'd probably get mostly gift cards which is fine. Then I can get what I need. Besides what's not purchased by others we get 10% off after:)

    At first I was torturing myself and picking items on sale then when it was off sale I would change to something else on sale. Caused too much stress feeling bad about how pricy everything was.

    It's defiantly tough..
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