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Inexpensive Small Indian Hindu Wedding in California Bay Area

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I am looking to get married end of May 2014 in California Bay Area. The guest list will be 30-40 people.

I am looking for ideas on how to do this in the lowest budget. I was thinking may be have the ceremony at a temple? Will it be cheaper to do it there or a private venue? Also, any ideas for which temples are good in the bay area, and how much can it approximately cost to do the ceremony there? I was also thinking of having a casual lunch/dinner reception after that. Any suggestions for venue?

Looking forward to all the amazing ideas!


Re: Inexpensive Small Indian Hindu Wedding in California Bay Area

  • With your small guest list you could check out museums in the area a lot of time they will allow you to have your ceremony there for free. Another suggestion in calling the city and they can give you information on free venues, parks, ect. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the tip! How about the actual ceremony part with the mandap and all? Is it generally cheaper to do it in a temple itself or is it better to do it in a private venue?
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