Hair & Makeup in Chandler under $175 (Bride + MOB)???

Hi everyone.
I've been searching the internet for way too many hours now looking for a decently priced hair & makeup artist for my wedding. The cheapest that I have found is $200 (my mom & I). Does anybody know of any hair & makeup artists that total out to be $175 or less for hair & makeup for mob & bride? Also, I am considering going to one of the counters at the mall and seeing about getting my makeup done there but I have never done that before and am worried they will mostly be untrained!
Hopefully someone will give me words of wisdom!!

Re: Hair & Makeup in Chandler under $175 (Bride + MOB)???

  • Try Kristy at The Shear Shack Salon. She is amazing and offered me a really good deal!
  • Try MAC makeup at any of the department stores like nordstroms, Dillard's, macys. They only charge about $50 but you get it in makeup. So if you decide you don't need the makeup just return it a few days later at another dept store so then it's free ;-) I've done that a couple times before. Didn't need all that makeup. I think I only kept lipstick
  • Are you still looking???
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