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Connecticut Wedding..too far from Central Jersey?

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So my fiance and I have a HUGE family (Our list is around 225 now which just includes aunts and uncles.. no extended family and no children are invited)  We want to be budget friendly.  Our friend has offered to let us use her house in Connecticut (2 hours away).  It would be completely free (!!) we would just need to rent the tent, get catered, etc... but it would be a huge $ saver.  (they have had weddings there before and know who to use)  Do you think that is too far to ask people to go? There are hotels nearby that we would, of course, have shuttles to.. and probably look into a brunch the next day for people that stay over. 

what do you think?  (this is a picture of the venue)

Re: Connecticut Wedding..too far from Central Jersey?

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    I feel like as long as its ok with your VIPs (like parents and bridal party, siblings, etc) then go for it.  I also feel like it would be considered a destination wedding, even though its only two hours away, its still another state and would require people to travel.  I would say just be prepared for people to decline if they can't take off of work for travel reasons.

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    There's nothing "wrong" with this idea, but as mentioned above, it does become a bit of a destination wedding, and be prepared for some guests to say no.

    I also suggest to research more locations in the area that have nominal rental fees plus the cost of catering, as well as other all-inclusive venues that are less expensive than others.

    I did not have a hotel block, but it was my understanding I needed to guarantee a certain number of rooms (I didn't get the impression it was free for me to do...but since I didn't do it, I don't actually know), small tent rental is about $1000 for a backyard party so I don't know how much a large "wedding tent" would be, table and chair rental, linens rental, and it will be more difficult for you to meet with vendors that are two hours away. You might take more time and more money in gas planning than saving by having a free location...but I don't know. If catering and alcohol is $65 per person, plus the cost of the tent, tables and other might do just as well as using a local $75 a head place. Do the research, make spreadsheets and make that decision yourself and what works best for you and your family.

    ETA: It's totally fine to not invite children, but if you are making a destination wedding and not inviting children, I would imagine most of those couples would not attend. It could be difficult for them to find an overnight babysitter. Just something to think about.

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    Good point on the couples having to get an overnight babysitter.. I didn't think of that, however, I feel a lot of times with weddings couples would prefer to stay at the hotel and have a night away...... 

    I did think about people not coming because it is far and 'destination-like' but actually we'd prefer that... the smaller the better... we just HAVE to invite so many as not to offend anyone (he is Cuban, so the whole family goes everyyywhere).

    Thanks for your input!
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