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We like rock music but people don't, help!

Hi, we get married in a couple of months and we dont know what kind of music to choose for our wedding because we like rock, punk, metal, lets say that we even like rave and electronic music, the problem is that here in my country (Bolivia), 90 % of population likes and listen salsa, cumbia, reggeaton and to tell you the truth at least I get crazy with that kind of music its like hell to me. When we were making the list of friends and family we also realize that those statistics were true for our wedding, only 10% of the guest will like our music and the rest might have to sit and get drunk.

When we go to a wedding we dont really enjoy the party because of the music and we thought that our guest will start drinking since they would not dance and that is what I dont want. 

Please help us on taking a decission since we really dont know what to do, is our wedding but what about the guests? Damn popular musical tastes of my country image

Re: We like rock music but people don't, help!

  • I would work with your DJ to find a balance. He or she may have some good suggestions.

    Really the wedding is about you two, but the reception is to thank your guests for coming, so you want them to have a good time. By their music styles, it sounds like they like to dance; maybe playing punk/rock that has a danceable beat to it would be a good approach? I'm thinking Social D's version of Ring of Fire here, but there are plenty of options.

    If nothing else, maybe you could do your kind of music (but not too loud) during dinner, since it is usually harder to dance to, and start up with the salsa and cumbia for dancing.
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  • The genres you mentioned like rock and punk I think have some pretty crowd friendly artists and songs to choose from.  I thought immediately of The Clash and Th Ramones - both have upbeat songs that I would love to hear at a reception.  There's Green Day, Foo Fighters, gosh there's tons (I'm just blanking on upbeat rock with a female frontwoman).  If you're not having a DJ PM me if you're having trouble with songs, I've been thinking of my own songs all day.  Or if you are having a DJ just give them some inspiration by picking your most favorite songs right now and a good DJ will be able to make you and your crowd happy.

    And..I might just throw in a couple songs that I could handle that are salsa, reggaeton, etc.

    Good luck!
    -anjo (aka the future mrs miley :)

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  • Thank you all for your replies, We are thinking on discussing it with the DJ, however we will think on songs that people might like and old songs for our uncles and grandparents... that might be a good solution, still we will still be waiting for some more advice from you.

    Thanks again.
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