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9-14-13- Stressed out of my mind

Is anyone else ready to throat punch the next person who says "aren't you sooo excited--its 2 weeks away?"
This morning my sister yelled at me because we didn't buy the whiskey she likes for the rehearsal dinner--WTH?
When does this become about us and not everyone else's wants, needs and rude behavior by not RSVPing--?
I am ready to go on the honeymoon the day before and let all the family run the show and have a dinner out without us!

Re: 9-14-13- Stressed out of my mind

  • 9/14/13 too and I couldn't agree more! I am stressed to the maximum. Tomorrow I have to give the final head count to our reception venue and I am learning now that people are intending to bring dates when they weren't invited! We're still not sure if we can afford our honeymoon yet either.

    I thought weddings were about the couple, it turns out that they are about the guests! smh.

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    My wedding is the same day and I am totally with you girls! We are having a dry wedding too, much to people's dislike, and on top of that we are not having dancing at our reception and no one seems to respect that decision! Then I have family members who are saying they "won't go" to my wedding unless they can bring a +1... even though our reception area only holds 50 people and we are booked to capacity. And how rude is it to not send a RSVP when you're invited to a wedding? I just don't get it! I am at a huge stress level too, I feel your pain!

  • That was our original wedding day, but we moved it back two weeks (b/c of Yom Kippur).  I am almost to this place and feel myself getting there quickly.  I was at a family dinner last night and my brother, FI and family were joking about doing this and that at the wedding (like sitting the preacher uncle with the family politician so that they can explode on each other and cause entertainment.) and I about lost my mind.  I got so quite because I was about to explode on everyone.  I just kept saying to myself "If you don't have anything nice to say...Breathe...If you don't have anything nice to say...Breathe..."  I am just ready to be married already.  My final RSVPs are due this week and I am sure the fun stuff will start then.  hashtag - overit!
  • HAHA I keep saying I'm over it too!

    And another thing my fiance and I can't stand is, "So, are you ready?" I think a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders once I drop off all my seating cards, final payment, favors, champagne glasses, etc at the catering hall tonight.  AHHHH I just want to be on the honeymoon already...10 more days girls, we got this!

  • I think I have most of my projects done--Now I have to not stress about the fiance's projects that are not done yet--Just need to do housework this weekend--get my hair and nails done(hopefully relax that day!)- get packed and then try to get through a few days of work next week--good news is the closer it gets the more excited and the less crazy I am--maybe its the xanax!
    Congrats all!

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    Haha! I have the same things on my to-do list. I can't wait to get past the 5 days of work I have left and get to the pampering! I'll be thinking of you all next Saturday!

  • I absolutely agree. I just want to tell people "nope not ready at all, I'm holidng out for David Tutera to show up next week".

    The RSVPs were the WORST! The biggest pain point of the entire wedding was anything dealing with the guest list. Movers, divorcers, new gf/bf, people want to bring their kids, FMIL adding people left and right after everything was addressed and sent, one thing after another. And the non-responders are a thorn in my side. I want to call each one of them and yell at them for their poor manners, I addressed the card and even put a stamp on it! How lazy can people be??  Getting that off my plate was the best feeling of relief from this entire process.

    I only have 3 days of work next week and cannot wait to be on the honeymoon! I need a vacation from this. Thankfully I wanted to be done last week with everything and I was so I can just relax now until next Saturday!

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  • HHF0913, love the David Tutera comment.  

    It truly is unbelievable how a person can get a beautiful invitation, with a self-address stamped envelope for a reply, and they think it's ok to not respond.  I get that some people need until the last minute to make a decision, but come on.  All you have to do is check a box or two.  I feel like my generation (early 30's and younger) just has no clue on basic manners.  

    Anyway, I'm basically done with the preparation, so I'm good right now, but I'm guessing a day or two before, I'll start getting jitters.  It will be good to know there are thousands of brides right there with me!  Best wishes to everyone for a great day and a happy marriage.  
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    HAD MEETING WITH PASTOR TO GO OVER VOWS. HE CAME WITH OLD OLD OLD VOWS...."Do you Julia vow to love, honor, cherish and OBEY?  !!!!!!!!!!

    I always said I would not say that in my wedding vows and I stopped him right away and said no I'm not saying that. He refused to compromise and said basically I can find someone else if I don't like his vows. But that's what he does. We have had 4 counseling sessions and I really liked him and thought he'd be great and then today at our final meeting 5 days before our wedding I am now on verge of a break down because the last thing I want is to be up there in front of 100 guests and forced to say something I do not agree with. Everyone that knows me will be caught off guard and will wonder WTH has gotten into me an they will know that I am not being genuine. I feel like both our vows should be the same. He also lists all these things and asks us to say "I Will" this I also don't like...I want to say "I Do".........


  • Ugh! That is so unfortunate! However, I'm having a similar situation. We're having a Judge perform our ceremony because we're not really a religious couple, and when he sent us a copy of his typical wedding ceremony (which was 4 days ago... late notice...), it turns out he's using all this OLD time language, which happens to be very religious. I barely could understand it. Guh.

  • Same date here...4 days away and we have to drive 900 miles to get to Chicago where our wedding is!   I'm in a great place with all the plans, but freaking a little about fitting into my wedding dress.  2 months ago, it wouldn't zip in the back and I can't try it on again until Wednesday night!  3 days before the wedding! I've lost some weight since then and bought a pair of industrial spanx, but any last minute ways to cut a few inches would be great!!  

    Congrats to you all, too!

  • I am so angry/stressed right now! Our wedding is in 2 days and Men's Wearhouse called to say that one of the groomsmen hasn't gotten measured for his tux yet. This groomsman said he would go last week. I guess he never went. DF is trying to reach him but he won't answer his phone. I am not even sure if he wants to be in the wedding or not - I am just stressing out so badly. :(
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