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AW: Vacation crafting

I finally finished the magnet trays for the car.  I foresee the girls playing with them for 15 minutes, becoming bored, and losing all the magnets.  I also made a couple autograph books.








Re: AW: Vacation crafting

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    You are an awesome mom.  Will you adopt me?
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    Welcome to the family, @auntflo!  Pick where you want to be in the new family picture!


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    Hmmm.... I'm guessing the middle would be the best place?   (and WTF?)
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    Those are so cute! 
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
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    those are cute. pinterest inspired?

    how long/far is the drive? are you guys trying to do it non-stop?

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    The magnet trays were pinterest inspired.  I saw (and completely copied) the autograph books on a target blog.

    The drive is 18 hours.  We are going to stay overnight just south of Atlanta, which is about a 12 hour drive for us and continue the next day.  We'll do the same thing on the way home - drive 12 and stay overnight.

    I'm being completely beebee about the travel activities being only disney.  We have 23 disney movies and TONS of disney books to take along.  We also have Minnie Mouse playsets with mix and match dresses, shoes and bows and we also picked up the princess playset from target on the suggestion from @auntflo.

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    Those trays look awesome.
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