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AWing just a little

Hi Girls,


I haven't been posting as much for a bit with all the wedding planning crazy but I wanted to just pop in and share.  Most of these have been on FB already and I'm waiting anxiously for our sneakpeek photos from the photographer.  The week leading up was crazy with flying back to CA and finalizing everything.  I about had a heart attack 2 days before the wedding when I got an email from my newly pregnant photographer that she'd been in the ER all day.  Luckily the next morning she apologized for freaking me out and all was good.  She was told to take it easy so we ended up with 3 photogrpahers that day, her and 2 assistants!  My flowers almost came out all white but my awesome friend and florist managed to fix it the day of the wedding before she delivered.  Our honeymoon in the DR was fantastic and we met some awesome couples there on their honeymoon.  Now for photos.  The first is myself and my new neice, a few pics of the day including my DIY centerpeices and signs, our beautiful sunset, and our view on the honeymoon.

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