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Flower Girls/Ring Bearer Question...

I am having a flower girl who is 3, and a flower girl who is 9, and a ring bearer that is almost 7 in the wedding. Both of the flower girls have mothers who are standing up with me -- ring bearer also, but obviously he'll be standing on the other side.

I've heard mixed reviews about this subject... But thoughts on having the kids stand up for the whole ceremony, versus sitting right away??? (The ceremony won't be too long!)

What did you do? What are you doing? Let me know!

Re: Flower Girls/Ring Bearer Question...

  • We had ours sit but none of the parents were in the wp. Even if they had been, we probably would have had them try to sit with their moms or my ILs.

  • Ours will be sitting, but it's a full Catholic Mass, so EVERYONE will be sitting for most of it. I'd say let them do what they want. The older kids might be OK standing for that long, but the little girl might not be.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  •  We are having FI's daughter (3 1/2) be our flower girl. She will sit with his parents after she walks down the aisle.
  • I would let them sit. At least the 3 1/2 yr old. Chances are, five minutes in she'll probably plop down by the alter, anyway lol. That's what my friend's ring bearer did. It was cute, but avoidable.
  • I would let them sit. Kids get fidgety when they are bored.
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  • Ours sat. Both parents were in the WP but they just sat and watched, happy as clams. In your case, O would let the 9 year old chose. She might prefer to stand with the ladies, and could almost definitely handle it.
  • Thanks guys!!! I think that we are going to try with the 3 year old, and the ring bearer, at the rehearsal and see... FG's mom is curious to see how she'll do also. The RB is super cute and can sit still just fine (it won't be a long ceremony!), but after awhile he starts to try to get attention... :P And let's be honest - it's MY day!!! haha... :) 

    Thanks so much for the advice! Much appreciated!!
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