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Work friend may get fired- anything I can do to help?

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She's a good, hard worker but unfortunately, the people on her team don't like her. They have been undermining her for the past few months, complaining to her superior over things that shouldn't even be concerns, bad talking her to clients, just all sorts of very unprofessional behavior. Our superior is too out of touch with day-to-day work here to realize what is going on and seems to be siding with the mean girls.

She's already looking for another job, but she thinks that she's going to be let go. I don't want to see that happen but I have no idea what I can do to help her out. For one, we don't have an HR department. I'm also afraid if I try to tell anyone what is going on that it will be clear that she's been talking to me about the situation and I don't want to get drug into it. I just want to voice that she's a good employee who doesn't deserve to be treated the way her team has been treating her. But I don't want to make the situation worse by opening my mouth.

What would you do?

Re: Work friend may get fired- anything I can do to help?

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