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bachlorette party idea?

I am thinking of doing a day spa trip kinda thing with a nice dinner at the end with all my girls then the following night going out to a casino hotel kinda thing like ac with my maid of honor and my other best friend who is a bridemaids. The rest of my girls are family and are all over the place with age two are 30 1 is 16 and me and the other 2 are 23 ...


any suggestions on this at all or any ideas for a day trip instead of a day spa

Re: bachlorette party idea?

  • You shouldn't plan your own bachelorette party. Parties in your honor should be thrown by other people.
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  • I agree that you shouldn't throw your own party. But I know my MOH asked for suggestions because she knows that I don't drink, don't go out much, and one of my BM's is 13, the other is 16.
  • I'm confused as to why you're planning a bachelorette party for yourself.
  • PPs are right.  Brides should not plan their own pre-wedding parties...
  • Ditto @MairePoppy!  Spot on, as always.
  • You could still do this, you just can't call it your Bachelorette Party. You don't throw that for yourself. 
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  • I agree with the other ladies. Instead of calling it your BP use it as an opportunity to treat the girls instead of a traditional bridemaids luncheon- Most places offer a discount for a bridal party coming in for manicures or facials. I understand however if you MOH or anyone else has asked you for ideas. My MOH did and I gave her a few low maintenance ideas since I don't drink or go out much myself and 1 bridesmaid is 16 and the other 2 are 18. (hurray for being almost 10 years older than my sisters ><)

    Relax though- take a step back and go with the flow.
  • The have asked me what I wanted to do ... Honestly I wanna be loud and dance and have a good time but that's only because I have a son and I don't get the chance to do that and totally missed my 21st birthday I just wanna feel my age for a few hours .. My two sister in laws are 30 and my one bm is 16.. The 16 yr old cant go cause she is underage and I don't want my two sister in laws to feel awkward drinking with a bunch of 20 year olds that why I was thinking doing a dinner and spa ( I have looked at prices and it does get expensive that I do know so I'm not sure about that) then going out with my two best friends to do the whole party thing .. I want to do something with all my girls but still have that one night to act my age ... Does that make any sense
  • If you want to go out and have a fun night, do it completely separate from any wedding stuff. Just go out with your girls. But don't call it anything like a bparty.
  • Since they have asked you what you want to do, you say "Oh I really want to go out and dance the night away, but I also want to make sure we do something earlier in the day so that my 16 year old BM feels included as well."  And that is it.  They then can take that information and plan away.  But you should not plan your own bach party.  Period.

    But if you want to plan a girls night then go for it.  You just can't call it a bach party.  Which means no plastic tiara and crappy veil.  No sashes with Bride-To-Be on it.  No penis items.  Or any other typical or non-typical bach party items.

  • You can have a girls' night.  Just don't call it a "bachelorette party" or anything wedding-related or have anything wedding-related there.
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