E-ring repair & Suggestions for Wedding Band Jeweler?

Hi There  All -- new addition here! 

We got engaged in February and are still in the *very* beginning processes of budgeting, planning, etc.  My FI had my e-ring essentially custom made [solitare is a GEORGEOUS family heirloom, halo setting purchased from a small-ish pittsburgh chain jeweler, and everything assembled by the bench jewler sugggested by the jeweler].  Unfortunately, about 7 days after our engagement (and about 6 hours after getting it back from the appraiser) I looked down to find one of the baby diamonds in the halo MISSING! After a few tears and some misplaced guilt, my FI and I went back to the chain and they apologized and sent it out to the bench jewler to repair (for free) for THREE WEEKS.  Unfortunately, I hear that the 3 week timeline isn't really unreasonable for this kind of stuff, but I was pretty bummed nonetheless.  Anyway -- fast forward to early this week, I FINALLY go to pick it up... so excited for it to look perfect again and bam, I put it on and its OBVIOUS that the missing diamond has been replaced.  I (uncomfortably) said something like "uhh...why does this look so different from the other diamonds in the halo?" The jewler took a look at it under the loupe (which you do not need to see the difference) and sure enough she was like "oh, you're right, its a smaller diamond, and a different color."  The jeweler has agreed to send it out again to get it "fixed right," but I'm skeptical and skiddish about giving them my ring for another THREE WEEKS and potentially still being disappointed. 

I would say I hate to be a pefectionist -- but no, this is my brand new engagement ring.  And, by virtue of the halo setting, all the diamonds in the setting need to MATCH and sparkle the same way, or else its SO obvious! 


thank you all in advance for your help!

Re: E-ring repair & Suggestions for Wedding Band Jeweler?

  • yeah, id find someone else to repair it.  replacing it with an obviously different looking diamond is poor service.  It would make me wonder what is happening to my heirloom diamond over the course of 3 weeks.
  • I didn't want to have my e ring sent out to get resized but unfortunately every jeweler I called said it would take 1-3 weeks. My FI had it made out of state. So I found a place in Glenshaw, the woman that answered said it would probably take a week but it was the least expensive of the others so I made the drive out there. Amy, the owner was so accommodating, she said she could do it in about 45 minutes! So, I took the opportunity to go try and find Hartwood Acres and the Lodge at South Park as they were possible venue sites. She called when it was ready and by the time I got back it was after they were closed. But she was still so freaking nice and helpful about it all I couldn't have been happier.

    So, to make a long story short lol I highly recommend So Me Jewelers in Glenshaw. It's a small shop that also offers random crafts and such; she's all about supporting local artists, which I like. She used to work at Henne in Shady Side which I hear good things about (but they were the most expensive and longest turn around time when I was doing my research). From looking at her website, her FB, and meeting her, I feel that she really cares about each piece of jewelry she creates or works on.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  • I recommend Brooks Diamonds in the Clark Building downtown.  My fiance got my e-ring there, and that is where I will get my band (and probably his) as well.  Yesterday I took my ring to get sized (we've been engaged for a month, but I wasn't willing to part with my ring), thinking it would take at least a few days, if not a week.  I dropped it off at about 1pm, and picked it up at 4.  They resized my ring in a matter of hours, which is normal for them, if you drop the ring off by 2pm.  They are super nice and helpful, and remember everything about us (they were telling me details about my FI while he was ring shopping and remembered our cat's name).  I'm sure through regular ring cleanings, I'll feel like they're close friends of ours. Who knows, maybe we'll even invite them to the wedding!
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