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Losing My Mind!!

I'm so excited to get married to my best friend tomorrow, but it hasn't been without it's conundrums.  In this week alone, we've had:

-Discovered a missing BM dress (she never picked it up, thinking I would, but I told her I couldn't get it to her for fitting), said dress zipper BROKE the first time she tried it on (!!!), so now we have to sew her into it.
-A GM decides to go out of town the 2 days before the wedding (missing the rehearsal and Bachelor party), and just show up the morning of (ceremony is 2pm)
-Finding out the person who was supposed to do the pulled pork had less than they thought and it isn't enough, so we bought some, hoping it IS enough. I'm also doing that today (no complaints about that, though).
-Discovering the 2 bags of rolls we bought a few days ago already have mold on them, so I get to cut them to pieces and zippy-bag them today.
-I've chipped an un-chippable manicure! Gel manis are supposedly indestructible, but not for me, apparently. Thank God it's on my right hand, not my left.
-Groom decided he didn't like the shoes he had, and had to buy new ones, along with socks.
-I rediscovered how long my un-altered dress is (had to cancel my alterations appt because I lost my job), so I get to try and walk in it, while holding my flowers and bustle in a park setting. 
-Worried that my hair is going to be a disaster because my hairdresser lost the photo I sent her and we had to improvise on the trial (I didn't have a hard copy, and my phone is shut off), and theknot wouldn't let me log in on hers.
-Rehearsal was quick n dirty, so I don't feel confident that everything will run smoothly. Couldn't even use the music, because I didn't realize how soon the park gates would close (I thought it was 9pm, not 8pm). Speaking of music, having my OOT brother do it, but trying to make sure he still gets to enjoy the ceremony. It's an iPod playlist, but afraid the cues will be off. Thinking about having the officiant work it for the ceremony walk, because it's her speaker and she'll be standing near it anyway.  IDK!!!!

If you find my mind, please send it home.  It's run off again. :)

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