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invite question

 question for you if the wrong postage got put on the invites what's going to happen? Are they going to mail them back or make ppl pay for the postage?? When I went to the post ofifice I asked two different workers and when I was there I got two different answers and different prices for postage on told me .66 and another told me .86 so most have the .86 but some have the other postage. She told me that some time the mail goes through .. and some times it gets returned and some times it gets delievered and the person it is sent to has to pay for it

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Re: invite question

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    I've always had it returned when I don't put enough postage on it.  It takes a couple of weeks. What kind of invites did you have?  Our rectangle pocket folds with five, narrow insert cards took 66c stamps.
  • i just had regular flat invites with the a bow..according to the woman at the Post office she said that the postage jumped up because of the bow...but before she said it was .66 cents

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • @leciaB, your invites sound like mine and they are .66 cents.
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  • I agree you're good with just 66c.  Yours are smaller/lighter than what we sent out with 66c stamps and our guests have gotten their invites.
  • thanks ladies!!! :)

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • FI went to 2 separate post offices to mail invites a few days apart and he received two different postage amounts, as well.  The only difference was that the 2nd post office quoted a higher "wedding" amount.

    The first post office categorized our invites as regular mail.  (They are flat, normal size with standard rsvp insert - so that makes sense.)  When he went to the 2nd post office, they categorized it under "wedding" and it magically came up to be more money.  He was pretty peeved and spoke with the post master but, unfortunately, was stuck paying the extra few dollars for the handful of invites that were going out.  Of course FI didn't need to tell them that he was mailing wedding invites but he didn't think anything of it.

    Not one invite from the 1st batch has been returned.  He was duped, no doubt.  And I'm now convinced that the post office has a higher amount set as default once you mention the word "wedding invitation".  Just another thing to add to the list of items that cost more when trying to plan!
  • @alk0511.. sorry about that.. that sucks.. I feel like I might have got duped too.. because first she told me that they didnt even have "wedding" stamps and she tried to get me to buy two rose stamps and use that instead

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • @LeciaB - bleh, that stinks! 

    In our case, it was only an additional $2.80...but it's about the principal of it all!
  • Mine was $0.66 until we decided on a bow then it jumped up $0.20...
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  • I took mine to the post office to be weighed and the clerk told me it would have to mail as a package because of the bulk in the middle (there's a band of burlap ribbon). She said it wouldn't go through the letter sorting machines and would have to go through the package process. I asked er about hand canceling the stamps rather than sending through a machine. She told me they would only do a certain number of them. She went to the back and asked someone else and when she came back she said that it would go through the machine fine but they would still only hand cancel so many. I told her one of my best friends is a mail carrier and he is going to take them in to his station (not the same as the one where I had it weighed) and hand cancel them for me himself. All this to say, one clerk probably considered it a package and theo ther considered it a letter.
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