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Creative Catering

Hey everyone. Has anyone ever heard of Creative Catering, and if so, what kind of stuff have you heard? I happened to see a van for them the other day, so I looked them up, and their prices look really good. Responses would be appreciated, thanks!

Re: Creative Catering

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    I've never heard of them. Where are you having your wedding? Most places don't allow just any caterer anymore, so I'd make sure they are allowed at your venue before looking into them further. HTH!
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    Good point. Since we are so far out (about a year and a half) we are going back and forth between two venues, but that might seal the deal if we can have this other caterer. They offer tastings so all I can do is go taste and ask for references, as long as they are allowed at one of the venues. Otherwise, you are right, I'm kind of wasting my time thinking about them. Thanks =)
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