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Travel Time Advice

Ok--looking for opinions....I currently reside in suburbs of west side of Cleveland (as do most of my guests) but it seems as though any and all the reception sites I am interested in are anywhere from 30-60 minutes away.  What does everyone think is a reasonable distance to ask of guests to travel?
I am trying to find ceremony site very close to reception, if not in the same location, to make things easier.  Also, I want to make sure I find a nearby hotel with discounted block of rooms for guests, and provide a shuttle service for those that will be drinking.  
Any words of advice or opinions appreciated :)

Re: Travel Time Advice

  • I think it'll be fine as long as you have the ceremony close by. If you were having them travel that long from one site to the other, that is a lot to ask. Also, a hotel close by is key as well. Otherwise I think it's fine. We drove to columbus just a week or two ago for a wedding, so that doesn't seem that bad to me.

  • I think in the Cleveland area people expect to drive about 30 minutes to go pretty much anywhere.  I lived in North Royalton prior to getting engaged so unless something was in a surrounding suburb, it took about 30 minutes, minimum.  Now that I live in Streetsboro it's more like 45 minutes.

  • I agree with @mlg78 I expect to travel atleast 30 minutes. The past two summers we did an hour and hour and 15 minutes without getting a hotel.

  • My guests traveled on average 30 minutes. My ceremony was in Tremont and my reception was in Eastlake. The ceremony was local for my westside friends, reception was short drive for eastside guests. So in the end, everyone was driving about the same distance.
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