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Would you consider hiring an online wedding planner??

o after planning my own wedding earlier this year I've been bitten by the wedding planning bug.  Even though I got married on a small island there were hours of internet research involved along with endless emails and phone calls - I personally loved it!  But I've been thinking that maybe some people aren't so keen or don't have time for the research side of things.  Of course you could hire a full wedding planner but maybe you still want to do the personal meetings and final decision making yourself, so maybe you just want somebody to do all the leg work and research and then provide you with details of say top 3 venues, caters, bands etc that match your theme/budget then you do the visits, make the decision and then hand it back to me to finalise everything.  I'm so excited about wedding planning I've just signed up to the Association of Bridal Consultants Certified Wedding Planner Diploma.  Given my location not sure I'll be setting up a full on business but would be interested to hear what anybody things about the online idea.  Even if it doesn't work out the course is going to be very interesting.Thanks!!

Re: Would you consider hiring an online wedding planner??

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