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Rustic ideas?

We have decided to do a rustic wedding theme, brown and cream/neutral as main colors, with some pink (flowers, bridesmaid dresses mainly) Suggestions on sites to look at to get ideas and look at things we could buy? Already use this site and pinterest:) thanks in advance!

Re: Rustic ideas?

  • We just had our rustic wedding Aug 24th. We had so much fun putting things together. I painted and distressed 1/2 gallon size mason jars and also cut wood pieces for the centerpiece. Super easy to do and if your on a budget it's very inexpensive. Everyone LOVED my pieces. Just spray the inside of a mason jar in any color you like to show through and then spray the outside. After it dries get a 100 grit sandpaper sponge and distress...go in one direction. Looks amazing!! I'm having a hard time attaching a picture but here is a link to my craigslist post so you can look at pictures. http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/for/4072268483.html If you have any questions let me know....Flowers i got from Costco wholesale online. They were a great deal and BEAUTIFUL!!! I recommend getting them a couple days before so they are in FULL bloom the day of your event. The color i got was Tri-Color orange. Put a penny in each one...they keep longer. 
  • Etsy is over flowing with rustic idea for anything you would need.
  • depends on your budget....Google, craigslist, estate sales, garage sales...
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