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Popponesset Inn Brides: accommodation suggestions?

Hi everyone! We are looking at Popponesset for a 2015 wedding. My one hang-up (and this is for most Cape venues) is where to have our guests stay. The majority of our guests will need to stay in the Cape and for many, it will be their first time on the Cape. I'd love a hotel that is in a somewhat scenic place, has some restaurants or shops nearby in walking distance, and isn't more than 30 minutes away from Popponesset . The big name hotels all seem to be on a busy street that just isn't very nice looking. I know there are condo rentals available in New Seabury, but I think I'll need a hotel to suggest as well (I'll have at least 150 people needing a place to stay). 

 Do any popponesset brides have advice on accommodations? Thanks!

Re: Popponesset Inn Brides: accommodation suggestions?

  • hi, When my daughter got married at the Popponnesset Inn, she booked rooms at the Seacrest in North Falmouth.. She also hired a shuttle bus for transportation because those roads into and out of the Poppy are treacherous, esp after a few drinks. The police are notorious for laying in wait after weddings.

    The Seacrest worked out well for her because it is near our home, has restaurents and a bar so folks unfamiliar with the area really didn't have to leave there. HTH  and good luck!

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      That was my main concern too!   Still trying to decide between a Poppy Wedding or somewhere close to home near Boston.   We used to have a summer home in Popponesset so it brings back great memories...   When in 2015 are you thinking?   
  • I am getting married at the Poppy this September and have 1/2 of our guests coming from out of town. The Sea-Mist is a condo / time share resort on Great Neck South (Long road before New Seabury - approx. 3 minute drive) and that is where I told my guests to look into. They do not setup room blocks since they are a timeshare resort and cannot guarantee the # of units that will be available but my guests seem to have had good luck with them and the cottages in New Seabury.

    *Also I just want to say that I was looking into transportation for guests - and everywhere I looked had a surcharge if they had to go into Falmouth (where Sea Crest is located) - The Sea Crest is beautiful and wonderful for guests who have never been to the Cape and want to experience an ocean front location - but this is just something to consider. You will find out that everything seems to be more than what you budget for hahaha!

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