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Hi i am looking for some ideas for budget friendly flowers. when i got engaged i asked all my female cousins to be in my wedding thats 7 people. i saw a florist who quoted me 700 for 7 bouquets my bouquet, the groomsmen the groom, 2 flower arangements for the church. ( my venue provides the flowers so i do not need them from the florist) its a summer wedding so i wanted to do gebera daisy's for my bridesmades in different shades of pinks and me and my sister who is my moh. i wanted the same flowers and colors except ours would also have baby roses as well in ivory and pink.  my wedding colors are aqua tealish color with black or ivory i have not decided on a second color yet. i mean this price she quoted me was great i had another quote from someone else for the same flowers but she wanted 200 more i am on a tight budget and i am trying to make every dollar stretch.

anyone have any other ideas i am also meeting with someone else who owns a florist in town hes does everything and not just weddings so i think he might be a little more resonable. 

Re: budget friendly flowers

  • 700 for that much is amazing. I was quoted $1800 for 6 bridesmaids, my bouquet, 9 boutonnières, and 2 corsages.   I am using hydrangea and roses.
  • Go to and look at their bulk flowers.  The prices are reasonable.  Plus, few guests will remember the flowers.  Promise.  Instead, put the money in the food and entertainment.
  • I don't know if you're open to silk, but if you are, check out I have a smaller bridal party, but I got all of my flowers for about $150.
  • Hydrangeas are pretty inexpensive and you get a huge bang for your buck.  I love the idea of daisies, which are my favorite flower.  My chuppah was covered in daises and twinkling lights.  Don't toss out the idea of carnations, they really are making a comeback and do a good job as filler flowers.
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