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Small, Quick, Hindu Wedding?

Maybe I sound like an oxymoron, but I want to have a small (<30 people), quick (max 30 minutes) hindu ceremony followed by a nice Indian dinner and drinks. I know this is very non-traditional, but it follows more in line with our personalities (with my partner being non-Indian). With such a small guest list, cost isn't a major concern, so I want a good time for all guests and great pictures. Any ideas from the community would be greatly appreciated!

My biggest concerns are the following:

  1. Would a hindu priest be willing to conduct such a short ceremony?
  2. Can I have a ceremony without going through all the formalities of having a mandap? This would be a big hassle for such a short ceremony, especially if being held at an isolated location.
  3. Any thoughts on non-traditional venues? I'm considering wineries and parks.

Re: Small, Quick, Hindu Wedding?

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    There's a South Asian Wedding board (look to your left) that can probably help you.

    Or consult your spiritual leader/minister.
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    I've never heard of such a thing!  Aren't they normally like 500+ people? :D  Good luck my darling!
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    I would recommend having the ceremony at a temple - it is the most no frills way to do it.  I am getting married in a temple in Queens.  The entire ceremony will take 1.5 hours. Since it is happening in a temple, there is no need for a mandap. 

    If you don't go the temple route, then you have to do the mandap:(

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    My sister did an Indian wedding and the ceremony was about 45 mins.  I'm not sure they could have made it much shorter without cutting out significant rituals, but I would contact some hindu priests and ask about it.  I bet they do this stuff a lot for mixed marriages.

    Not sure if the Mandap is required either.  Ask the priest.  You might be able to make something for cheaper than renting it.

    Good luck!
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