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OK so this is actually a wedding question ans not honeymoon question but since I haven't gotten a response on the other boards I thought I'd try this one since I know some people on here have been to the keys ;)

We having a cruise wedding and are getting married on the deck in Key West and I have two options of ceremony times and can't decide. The choices are 11a and 230p. I feel like 11 is a weird time since our reception is going to be at dinner time and then I'm worried about the heat at 230. We are both from central fl so know about heat and humidity (without the breeze) and I think the ceremony will be about 15-20 minutes so not sure if on making the temp a bigger deal than needed... oh and this will be in April.

Any input will be very appreciated!!

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    My parents live in central FL so I know about the heat and humidity as well.  But I think in April a 2:30pm ceremony outside will be fine, weather/heat wise.  Also, remember you will be on the water so you will have that lovely gulf coast breeze to help cool you down.

    So what are your guests going to do between the end of your ceremony and the beginning of your reception.  I understand you are having a bit of unique wedding being it a cruise wedding but you still need to host your guests properly in regards to no gap, hosted cocktails/apps, etc. between ceremony and reception.

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