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what is the term for...

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what do you call "school" for 3-4 yo children that are too young for kindergarten?

what is the term for... 31 votes

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9% 3 votes
jr. pre-k
3% 1 vote
ron paul
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Re: what is the term for...

  • DD1 calls it school.  If I am talking to other adults about it, it's preschool or school but pre-k isn't uncommon.

    I've never heard of jr. pre-k.

  • when I taught it was preschool up to the 2-3 group. Pre-k for 4-5, K for 5-6.
  • i think preschool is most common, but i've heard pre-k in reference to kids that are 4/5 and will be starting kindergarten in the next school year. I also thought this was generally a half day program run by the districts geared towards getting kids used to a full day K.

    FB friend posted about her kids starting pre-K (he's 4, will be 5 in Dec. so this made sense) and "jr. pre-k" (she just turned 3 in July). 

    i was like... "jr. pre-k = preschool?" 
  • I've heard preschool or pre-k.  If I was calling 6let's pre-k I could see myself using the term jr. pre-k to something M2 might be doing.
  • Ron Paul: why are 3 y olds in school? 

    (Obviously, I am not a fan of preschool. But that's probably what I'd call it.) 
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    DD was 3 when she started preschool in Sept last year and turned 4 in Nov.  She won't go to kindergarten until Aug 2014.  We called it preschool last year and we call it preschool this year.  There isn't a whole lot of difference between this year and last year besides we are choosing to send her for an extra day a week.  Same curriculum - if you can even call it that for 6-9 hours a week - and she'll be in a class with the same "almost 5 year olds" as last year.  (What I mean is, they don't put almost 5 year olds in a class with 3 year olds.)
    My opinion on the whole thing is that anything before 3 1/2 is day care, not preschool.
    Bacon - I could give or take preschool.  If we had to pay for it, we probably wouldn't send her.  BUT as an only child I would feel bad if she didn't get to hang out with some kids for a few hours a week. 
  • Anything that's before a kid would enter kindergarten is preschool, IMO.  They can call it pre-K or pre-pre-K or something else that's cutesy, but it's in before they start a 'formal' education (be it public/private/home school/etc).
  • our daycare is an accredited school - and goes (4? 6?) weeks through private K for full-day programs. they have a full curriculum for all age groups - so it goes way beyond baby jail. they start teaching sign language in the infant rooms, and advance kids based on age and abilities. sure they play - but it's educational.

    Wolverine is transitioning into their "preschool" program, (officially as of next week). Most of the kids in her class are 3+ (she'll be 3 in November), all are 100% potty trained during the day (no pull-ups allowed), and they meet a specific set of requirements. 

    I really like the program structure for Wolverine because I think it's giving her an advantage. She's a smart kid, and I'm happy that they realize that and are giving her things to challenge her. It probably isn't ideal for all kids, but it's working well for us. 
  • @auntflo- I  was pleasantly surprised with how different our 4/5 program was from the 3 program.  They do science and math and graphing skills on top of reading and writing and art. 

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