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Re: Would you Wear this?

  • Evening wedding definitely!
  • It's a little plain, so pick some good accessories.  But that color blue is a nice jewel tone that looks great on everyone.
  • Thanks, I will be sure to pair with some great shoes and maybe a fancy necklace. I was just worried that the color would be TOO MUCH for a cooler weather wedding in fall. I'n going for it tho!
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    100% yes I would.  Get a sparkly belt to emphasize your waste.  Some killer shoes and some great jewels.  Love it!

    And it is great because it can be dressed up for an evening affair or dressed down for work.

    Edit:  And that in no way is too much color for fall.  I once went to a winter wedding and wore a fuchsia dress.  Color is great year round, IMO.

  • I'd wear the hell out of that dress

  • I agree with everyone else, especially with the sparkly thin belt idea. If you wear your hair up, you can also add big statement earrings, or a big statement necklace with your hair down. Nice shoes + bag and you're good to go =). I also think you can wear color all year round. I've worn that same bright blue color to a winter wedding in December and I've worn a black dress to a summer wedding. Color is great for any time of the year. 
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    The brighter the better, as far as I'm concerned. Looks like a very pretty dress!
  • It's a great dress. I personally love the color, so no, it's not too much.
  • The color is fine but I do think the dress is very plain so bling it up!
  • Color is awesome!! I think it's a style of dress you would get a lot of use for at different occasions depending on how you accessorize it. It can go from casual to dressy. Have fun!!

  • No such thing as too much color IMO. I think that's a really versatile dress that can be dressed up or down or depending on the season. 
  • That color works year-round.
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