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Need your input please :)

So, we're getting married outside right after sunset and I want to have all of the people in attendance hold a tapered candle (think vigil candles) that will be first lit by each of our mothers and it the light will go through the entire crowd. The FI and I will then light from our respective mom and light our unity candle...what do you think?

The candles are specifically made for vigils and have boches (meant to catch any wax that  may drip) The lit time would be less than 10 minutes. The majority of our guests are 10 and older. The younger children would hold the battery operated ones.


In short:

Each mom lights her candle from her family pillar candle
Then she lights the candle of the person sitting next to her and so on until all 100 guests have lit candles.
Our officiant (his grandpa) will say a prayer and we'll then light our unity candle.

We want to visually show the importance of family and friends in making up who we are and the continuation of each family line through our new union....

What do you think?
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